10am ceremony-Hair/makeup for bridesmaid & MOH

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Find out how much the additional cost would be for a second stylist, and then let our bridesmaid and MOH know. You can say,

“Due to the ceremony start time I’ll be having hair/makeup done at 6:30am. You guys are welcome to do your own, but if you prefer to have it done professionally the price is XXX. Let me know ASAP if you want to have it done, as I’ll need to reserve the additional stylist”.

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As long as you let your ladies know the plan ahead of time, having them do their own hair shouldn’t be an issue. 

BUT you should be aware of their typical style (and potential styling limitations!) – and keep in mind that they may choose to wear their hair down, or in a sock bun (for example) and their make up might or might not match each other and/or yours.  If you’re fine with that (I would be) then go ahead and tell them that you have not made any arrangements to have their hair and make up done by a professional.  If they want to have a pro do theirs, you can offer to help find a local person for them.

My MOH did her own hair & make up, and I did mine for her wedding (even though she was pro-styled.)  We were both happy with the arrangement.

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I gave my bridesmaids the option to have their hair styled at their cost or to do it themselves.  Three chose to do their own, two chose to their hair styled.

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