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Honey bee
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@coffeegal85:  Wait so what happens if they call during the wedding? You’re expected to drop everything and help someone?

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Honey bee
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@coffeegal85:  I would not be able to put up with that. I would go insane if I couldn’t turn my brain off for at least one day a week. Are you the only employee in that position? I feel like they could make half the staff on call for saturdays and half for sundays. Anyways if I were you, and they really weren’t willing to work with me, I would apply for other jobs (assuming they exist, I know the economy sucks :/) or at least stop answering some of the calls.

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@coffeegal85:  Joke or no joke, they shouldn’t be putting those sorts of pressure on you!

SO had a similar situation:  he was expected to do 110 hours a week sometimes including overnighters.  He would use his “days off” to recover and when he asked for time off they’d say “but you had time off the other day” (even though in reality, he didn’t) – it became a strain on his relationship.  When he asked for more reasonable working hours and satisfying  jobs (he was getting paid a managers wage but expected to make tea sometimes) they suggested one of two things…

Firstly:  work longer hours, to get the jobs he wanted, and then they’d stop giving him the time consuming menial jobs. He was doing 110 hours a week more often than not, he asked where he was supposed to find more hours in the week.  Or secondly:  have children!  SERIOUSLY!  Because they’d have a legal obligations to make working hours reasonable for parents I guess. But his boss said that, of all things, to him!  SO responded: “When am I supposed to have the time to make babies?”  His manager was apparently stumped on that one.

Long story short, SO resigned and has a new job.  More pay, more job satisfaction, less stress.

Your employers should NOT be treating you the way they are.  I’m sorry they are putting so much stress on you.

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ugh, i am so sorry about your situation. I am on call one weekend every 5 weeks and every Monday night and I HATE it. At first I thought it wouldn’t be so bad but it’s just getting worse. It occupies my mind completely and I hate having to plan my life around the stupid insignifigance of it (I work for a plumbing/heating company with 24/7 emergency service). It wouldn’t be so bad if people didn’t call at 2am for an “emergency” like a cracked toilet seat or to check their balance! Ugh what weirdos.

I know you probably haven’t had much time to look for other jobs, but I would spend as much time as possible doing so. In my opinion, NO job is worth that kind of stress, especially when you have so much else going on in your life.  

I mean, what do they expect you to do when you’re at your bridal shower, the rehearsal, the WEDDING DAY for goodness sake? I would make very clear to them that you can not even have your phone on you for several days in particular. Tell them that you can’t assume responsibility for something that needs accomplished on these days. Tell them to find someone else and that this was NOT part of the job description. If nothing improves, maybe focus more on finding a new job. And even if you haven’t gotten any new job offers, maybe tell your current employer that you DO have another job offer and you’re going to take it if the 24/7/365 on call BS doesn’t stop. I’m not usually one to condone lying to a boss but seriously I would not put up with such crap. They are treating you like a door mat and that is not okay.

I wish you luck with this and hope you get a job that treats you better and respects your personal life! 


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