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Sugar Beekeeper

I think this is a great example of women tip toeing around issues and trying to read clues/insinuate instead of being upfront. Whole debacle could have been avoided with better communication patterns.

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Bumble bee

I’ve seen this picture too. Reminds me not to overreact and drive my husband-to-be crazy! It’s embarassing to be that person. :)

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Helper bee

I’m gonna have to go with the girl side being more difficult to put up with. And yes, I’m a girl so I know bad that sounds, heh. Girls tend to over-think EVERYTHING and read to much into the smallest slight/silence. Just gotta learn to chill, give each other space and enjoy doing stuff together and enjoy spending time apart. Have lives apart from one another. Your own friends, your own hobbies, etc, but still have things in common. It’s a tricky balance but the important part is to relax and enjoy each other :)

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Busy bee

@FutureMrsEvans7:  I agree.  But also have the mentality of a dude.  Ha!  I would be the guy in the picture and my husband would be the woman.

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Helper bee

eh, I’m a mixture. I can be VERY hormonal yet aware that I’m being insane… He even has a term for it that he coined for me (lovingly! honest lol) which is Uterus Head. I try to at least be aware that I’m being ridiculous sometimes. He is prone to to the occasional Mantrum as well. We all have our moments :)

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Bee Keeper

Women overreact nine times out of ten. It’s a bit saddening when people are so against the female stereotype, but the thing is, it wouldn’t be a stereotype if there wasn’t some truth to it.

So, yeah. Women are absurdly difficult to deal with.

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Sugar bee

Lol yeah I have been there only it wasn’t a motorcycle. It was we were out of peanut butter bawhahaaa! I think men are the difficult ones. Why cant they come out and say no I am not upset with you? Or when asked what they are thinking about just say peanut butter!!! I know he would say I am the difficult one though so I guess it all depends on your persppective :D

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Honey bee

Unfortunately, “you’re overreacting” has been used for far too long to make women’s feelings irrelevant, so it’s a bit of a hot button issue and a point of sensitivity. Also, when you’re genuinely feeling something strongly, being told you’re feeling it too strongly is often unehelpful as it changes nothing about your subjective experience except that now you feel disrespected and unheard as well. There are definitely better ways to change the frame to make things seem less dire.

It is definitely an argument for more open communication. I have so been there though, thinking thre was a problem when it turned out he’d forgotten his umbrella at work or was having trouble beating a boss in a video game. (I don’t think I’ve ever been THAT upset but I have worried needlessly plenty.)

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Buzzing bee

@kvliner:  People are socialized differently based on their gender from the time they’re born, there are different expectations for their behavior and that’s why men and women tend to end up acting in these different ways that are stereotypical of their gender. It’s not that every woman acts the same way, but a large portion of them will act in predictably similar ways in certain contexts, and if you’re an individual who is bothered by these particular sets of behaviors, I think it’s fair to say, as a personal opinion, that women (as a whole, meaning most women or a woman who’s exemplary of the group) are absurdly difficult to deal with.

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Worker bee

@MabelleBliss:  thanks. I was actually born on another planet and had never heard this sexist explanation before so I appreciate it!

It makes me so sad to see how controlled by sexism some of the women on this board truly are.. 

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