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    @rds2013:  I recently ordered serveral things from them and was very pleased.  Two things were broken on arrival and they promptly replaced them with no problem at all.  The silk flowers were very nice, being able to order less than a case of 12 was perfect for me. If you have any questions you can PM me.

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    I bought some silk flowers from afloral. I think they are very nice. But I decided I wanted real flowers……

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    I’m also wanting to hear some recent reviews about  I am contemplating ordering dusty miller and lambs ear greens from their site.

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    I order from them a lot and they are decent. It can be hit or miss but for the most part really good. Right now they are moving to a new warehouse or something so I had problems with some items not being available and they sent me a lot of the wrong items. But there customer service is good so they either refunded me or re-sent what was missed.

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    Here are mine, all from afloral. Honestly, the photos don’t do them justice, they were taken in poor lighting on a camera phone. I am VERY happy with them. 

    The only ones that are real touch are the white corsages. I honestly don’t care for the real touch as much as regular silks.

    For my bouquet, I purchased a couple of smaller bouquets and combined them. I think that was a good idea because they were already matched and scaled in size to each other.

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    @NAvery:  wow they look great! i was worried about ordering hydrangeas from them but after seeing yours.. i think i will, i read another thread with bad reviews but it’s great to see they picked up their act.

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    @rds2013:  me too I agree…i just might.


    @Navery: could you please tell us which ones you ordered? it would help soo much! thank you!!

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    @rds2013:  I thought they felt kind of plastic-y and I preferred the softer look and feel of the regular cheapo silks. I think if you were using something like calla lillies, the real touch might make sense because each flower sort of stands on it’s own and is really visible individually. With the type of bouquets I wanted though, I wanted them all grouped in really close together and bunched up. I didn’t think the texture of the real touch would lend themselves to that as well because they didn’t seem as flexible. Just my thoughts though. There also weren’t as many styles in real touch for the type/color of flowers I wanted, and the cost was a lot higher.

    Here’s what I ordered:

    2 – Rose & Hydrangea Silk Bouquet in Two Tone Purple – 12″ Tall (My Bouquet) $10.99 each

    3 – Artificial Hydrangea Bouquet in Purple Lavender – 11″ Tall (Bridesmaid bouquets, I actually took one stem out of each bouquet and added it to mine) $11.99 each

    5 – 5.5″ Gardenia Corsage White-CLOSEOUT (For Mom corsages, they were on clearance) $4.49 each. They were pin on corsages, I added the wrist band from Michael’s.

    2 – Hydrangea in Purple – PREMIUM (These were individual stems, one is for our cake topper, the other one I cut up and used pieces of it on the boutonnieres) $5.99 each

    1 – Alice Rose Bud Spray in Purple – 27.5″ Bundle of 12 (For the boutonnieres and then I took the extras and put them in my bouquet) $3.69 for the bundle of 12, these were actually really nice and I can’t believe how cheap they were

    I also got another 10% off using a coupon code. My total was $99.41 including shipping – my bouquet, 3 BM bouquets, 5 mom corsages, 6 GM/dad boutonnieres, and cake topper flowers.

    Other tips – don’t be scared to take an outer layer of petals off of the flowers if they are too big. I did that on both the corsages and boutonnieres and it made the scale much better. Just do it carefully and make sure the next layer under is nicely finished.

    HOT GLUE IS YOUR FRIEND. Hot glue works really really well with artificial flowers. I tried a couple of other glues and they weren’t nearly as good. Putting the boutonnieres together was actually a real PITA until I got out the hot glue. Wire and tape wasn’t enough to hold those short stems together.

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