Anxiously waiting to hear if I'm accepted!

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Honey bee

I would assume that if you do well on the GRE you will still be in the running to be accepted. If you do poorly I suspect they would not accept you this time. However, if it were me, I wouldn’t bother asking you for your GRE scores unless you were a strong candidate otherwise.

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Ahhhh that’s awesome! It’s so lucky that they’re letting you submit your GRE scores after the application date.

Best wishes! I hope you get into the program you want! :)

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Oh, that’s AWESOME- my cousin is pursuing her master’s (don’t remember the specialty exactly), but she has been doing an internship where she has been working with autistic children as well.

She recently just passed some exams at the center she is working at and can now take on her own clients.

Her long-term goal after she graduates is some sort of job where she evaluates the kids and plans a curriculum for them based on their specific needs.

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