Any over 40's thinking of a boudoir shoot?

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Honey bee

I want to do one.  I just want to be able to look at it when I’m 70 and remember haha. And I think it would be fun.  I’m 28, so not in my 40s yet.

I don’t see why you cant do one if you want to!  You look great in that photo!  Go for it!

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Bumble bee

i think they will come out flattering, im not 40 or anything, but you photographer should be able to chot your best angles. :) Good luck

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Bee Keeper

I’m not over 40 but if I still get a vote then I say go for it! You look awesome and I’m sure your guy would appreciate it!

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Bumble bee

@unixfairy:  I’d say go for it (I’m 49). I have a very similar body to what I had at 25 (not quite as good as the one I had at 30 though). I am really camera shy and my face freezes so I don’t like having my pictures taken in general but there is nothing wrong with boudoir shots after 40. It’s 40 not 80.

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