Any recommendations?

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I am in love with Macy’s Hotel Collection for both sheets and towels!

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We registered for Ralph Lauren towels as well as a “home collection” from the Bay (in Canada) which are likely similar to the PP’s Macy’s collection. Love them, and not so fond of the RL towels. I find they are less absorbent and get “crunchy” pretty quickly. The home collection ones have stayed soft and lovely.

I would just get something middle of the line price wise :) We replace ours probably every 5 years (the daily towels for showers etc) so we don’t go too crazy on them.

I find most sheet sets from department stores are of nice quality and you can get some really nice sets!! I always get 2 so I can change for cleaning and also for the seasons! We have a darker set that I use for the winter months and lighter more “springy” set that I use for the warmer months!

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