Anyone as obsessed about their haircuts as I am?!

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Bumble bee

I am not because I have curly hair and it just falls whichever way. I don’t think you are crazy though :)  

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Buzzing bee

I am not about the cut. Color is my area of craziness. As soon as I see like half an inch of roots I get the need to dye it. I just went and saw my hairdreseser for a cut and all I told her was that I still wanted to be able to put it up but she could do whatever she wanted.

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Bumble Beekeeper

For the last ten years, you wouldn’t even have realized when I got a haircut.  I would get the tiniest trim every 3 months because I love long hair and never wanted my lady to cut too much off.

But I recently cut bangs after not having them for about 20 years, and I love them and am so obsessed with looking at them, making sure they are in place and not looking all wind

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Sugar bee

I just got side swept bangs. I’m a bit obsessed with making sure they’re in the right place and not too much has been taken down for them when my hairs pulled up… But as far as the read of it? Nah. My stylist has been my stylist for so long I tell her to take off “some” and she understands I mean like 3″. I have fairly long hair so no one really notices unless I get my hair dyed too.

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I just had my haircut. My hairdresser asked me what I wanted. I said I dunno . then she got the scissors out and started cutting . It is now a pixie cut from about the top of my butt


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Bumble bee

i most definately do this. i always have to go home wash and restyle my hair after visiting the salon to see how it falls. If its no right then i get he scissors out. I think i take after my mother. I always cut my own fringe and they never cut it how i like it.

I bought a creaclip last yeat and have ben cutting my own hair ever since.

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