Anyone else nervous to HPT? Question about chemical pregnancy…

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jbbird:  I wish my story had a happier ending.  I tested early and got BFNs every day until 2 days before my period was due. Got a faint line, it got darker and darker over the course of a week.  Then, at 5 weeks past last period, the dark pink line got lighter.  And lighter. At 5.5 weeks I had an early MC/  CP.  My friend with lots of experience in the early MC situation told me I should wait until 5 weeks to START testing now so I don’t get excited and then devastated again. However, I don’t think I have the patience to wait and if I was a week late my mind would be assuming such things anyway!  

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jbbird:  DH and I are ttc and I got a BFP at 13dpo.  At about 4w3d, I had an early mc. 

While that was heartbreaking since we very much wanted the baby, having it documented means that if it should happen again or we should have trouble conceiving, the doctors will be more likely to take our concerns seriously. Also, with my mc, my Ob was able to do blood work and see that I had some issues with progesterone and such. Now for future cycles we will be taking supplements and hopefully preventing more miscarriages. 

So while it’s tempting to wait, I’m still an advocate for at least testing when AF is due.  Chances are, you won’t have a problem, but if you do, recognizing it is the first step to fixing it. 

Good luck on your ttc journey And fingers crossed for your BFP! It’s crazy but so worthwhile! 🙂

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With my pregnancies, I wanted to know as soon as I could if I was pregnant. Early pregnancy (well all of pregnancy and parenthood) is full of uncertainties. Things can go wrong at any time, so I didn’t want to dwell on that, I perferred to enjoy every day that I *was* pregnant, rather than focusing on the potential of it ending.

Good luck with your results. Hoping you get a strong BFP and no complications!

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Last month I tested early because I had a feeling and sure enough I got faint lines at about 12dpo and 13dpo. I ended up getting AF on CD29, which is only like a day or two late for me. I’m feeling exactly the same this month as I did last month and refuse to test. But don’t base my experience on what yours will be like, we’ve been trying for a long time and I know there are some kind of hormonal issues or something, we’ll be starting the fertility testing process next week. Good luck and I hope you don’t ever have to experience any kind of miscarriage, early or otherwise.

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i stopped testing after cycle 3, seeing BFNs was too disappointing.  i’m in cycle 9 now and just wait for AF to arrive.  if it is meant to stick, it will.  i don’t need to see the disappointment of a CP. 

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jbbird:  I wasn’t a fan of testing before my period was due, because of seeing blank white tests. The month I conceived I waited until my period was two days late and got a super strong positive. Honestly, you’ll still worry, because plenty of miscarriages happen at 6 weeks, 8 weeks, even 11 weeks. And something could go wrong with a pregnancy at any time. I’m not saying this to be negative or morbid- chances are that everything will be completely fine and you’ll end up with a healthy baby at the end of it! My point is that there is always something you could be worrying about and it just isn’t worth it. If you think you’re pregnant and want to know- test! If you want to wait a couple days, that is fine, too. I think it is a balance between being AWARE of risks vs WORRYING about them, if that makes sense. Best of luck to you!

PS. I’m now 33 weeks pregnant and have had a healthy, low-risk pregnancy so far. Chances are you will, too!

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jbbird: This was me last month. We were NTNP starting in December until my last cycle in May. I waited to test and when AF very uncharacteristically was over 3 days late I promised myself I would take a POAS on day 4. The morning I was planning to test AF showed.. I actually handled it pretty well, considering I was 95% conviced I was KU.. Still.. it was pretty dissapointing.

That said, I decided to be a bit more proactive this cycle and purchased the WONDFO OPK off Amazon. Turns out I was right about the times I was ovulating so even though DH and I DTD 4 times during my 4 day fertile period (2 days leading up to and 2 days post LH Surge) I am still feeling doubtful.. The only thing we did differently this cycle was confirm my LH surge..

Anyway.. The only advise I can give to you is to wait it out and try not to get your hopes up or obsess about it, otherwise you’ll turn into a crazy person like me. Also, if  AF actually does show, be sure to get that OPK for this coming cycle.. You can chart and chart and chart, but unless you are also charting your LH surges (and to take it to the next level, BBT) then you cannot be 100% postive as to when you actually are ovulating.


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jbbird:  I’ve had both a miscarriage at about 6.5 weeks and a chemical pregnancy.  I tested around the same time for both–a day or two before my period was due.  While the lines for my first pregnancy (that ended at 6.5 weeks) were very strong and clear, the lines for the chemical were very, very faint and didn’t get any darker.  Although I couldn’t stop myself from being hopeful, I was pretty sure that the chemical wasn’t going to stick around.  For me, it was helpful to go ahead and test.  Although the OB didn’t do any bloodwork with the first pregnancy until the MC had already happened, she was able to catch the CP in time to see that I might very probably have an issue with progesterone.  She’s done a few more tests, and I should find out the results tomorrow!

For what it’s worth, I also was pretty sure I was pregnant before I took both HPTs. I know this isn’t true for everyone.  It’s one factor in my decision to continue testing a bit “early”, though!

Best of luck to you!

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I do not see the downside in testing early.  Knowing you had a CP can be very beneficial if you are having trouble getting pregnant.  Repeat CP’s could be nothing or could be telling of progesterone issues, lining issues, egg quality.  Some of which are very easily fixable!  

Also, if you know you are pregnant, you can make sure you start taking prenatal vitamins, eating healthy, exercising, right from the very start which are very important in early pregnancy.

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jbbird:  Dang, such a bummer.  Stupid AF 😉  You have a great attitude, though; fingers crossed for a BFP next month!

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OP – I ordered a huge lot of like 50 tests on eBay, and they cost about 50cents each – something about not spending $5-12 every time takes the edge off. Testing pretty much every day from 9DPO to AF’s arrival has gotten me used to seeing BFN’s – but I don’t mind. But then again, I’m an addict. :}

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