Anyone else powerless (literally!) ?

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Honey Beekeeper

Oh no!!! That is no fun at all! I’m glad you guys are safe, but it stinks to be without that stuff, especially for that long. So it’s affecting your whole area?

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Bumble bee

We lost power but we have a strong generator for the bedroom, kitchen, and basement…expensive but has been more than worth it over the years! That plus a good MiFi (provided by work) means that other than being kinda stuck inside, not much affected although it may take 10 days to get true power back! We have said several times how fortunate we are though, after seeing pictures and video of down the shore…it’s scary.

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Buzzing Beekeeper

I always feel bad when people up North go without power.  We generally lose it during a hurricane but other than being hot and sticky, it’s not dangerous.  How cold is it up there this time of year?  We’ve been getting into the mid-60′s at night down here which for us is cold.

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Buzzing bee

I hope your power comes back soon!

I’m in Manhattan, but luckily I’m far enough uptown that we didn’t get affected much by the storm, we never lost our power. But it’s still such a nightmare in other parts of the city…

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I’m uptown in Manhattan so I made it through ok, but my family is in NJ (where my wedding is next Saturday!) and they are still without power. The power company says it may be until next Friday before power is restored! And now that we have gas rationing and we’ve been waiting in line for HOURS every day just for a measly few gallons of gas, things have turned into an even bigger nightmare. This is wreaking havoc on everything related to my wedding. I’m worried about my family not having heat as the temperatures drop this weekend. We’re supposed to have rain and high winds, and there’s another possible storm on the horizon next week.

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Bumble bee

Yes! Very happy for you!!!

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Bumble Beekeeper

We were without it from Monday night until last night.. It was rough!  We stayed at my MIL’s one night because she had power…

We felt the urge to put on every single light in the apartment last night!

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Blushing bee

Power’s back.. But still no heat (pipes burst). It’s going to be another cold night!

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