Anyone ever heard of FlyerFit/Martin Flyer for engagement rings?

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Ms. Teddy,

I have a Martin Flyer ring and I love it!  I went through my jeweler (in St. Louis) and had them change a few things (I wanted a six-prong setting for my center stone instead of four-prong).  I uploaded a photo of my engagement ring plus wedding ring (they are sitting on top of my husband’s ring). 


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Buzzing bee

Our jeweler carries Martin Flyer.  I’m still considering one of their bands that matches my e-ring.  I think they’re rings are really beautiful.

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Sugar bee

My BFF has a martin flyer. I believe it is the flyer fit too, but they got it at a jeweler. They didnt order it online

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Helper bee

They’re definitely a reliable jeweler. They’re sold through local jewelers as well as online, so you could find one in your area if you wanted to see them in person. My ring is a FlyerFit (actually, it’s the exact same ring as Mrs. Tiramisu!) and I love it!


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I am in love with a FlyerFit I found a few years ago that is actually still at the jewelers. They are gorgeous but out of my price range unfortunately. =(

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Honey bee

I wouldn’t compare them to bluenile.  They are very expensive rings and very gorgeous.  Our local jeweler carried that line.  I wanted one but they were way too far out of our budget.  

We actually ended up getting my diamond from bluenile and my band from a jeweler.  

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