Asian girl + White guy stereotype

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Bee Keeper

I see it a lot in my area so I think nothing of it at all.

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Buzzing bee

Lol I am the cute petite Asian girl with the big white man. At first people are like, “Why are they together?” And then they get to know us and realize how complimentary our personalities are to one another.

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Honey bee

I would think nothing of it other than, “Oh, they’re cute.”

My best friend is 4’11″ and Asian, and she is dating a 6’2″ white guy. If I saw them and didn’t know them, I’d think they were pretty odd looking together, but still cute!

No stereotypes would come to mind. Well, maybe I would think mail order bride if the guy was 60+ and the gal was in her 20s.

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Sugar bee

a young couple i wouldnt notice at all

if the guy was in his 50s and the girl was much much younger, i would think it was a bit dodgy (but i think that for all couples generally) esp if they dont seem to have a language in common

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Busy Beekeeper

Wtf. I wouldnt even pay notice. Let alone think anything remotely similar.

I’m a white girl dating a black guy. What do you think of me?

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Buzzing bee

Don’t think any of those things. I only think mail order bride if she looks eastern european and is dressed like a skank ho while he’s thirty years older than her and in khakis or a suit, haha.

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Buzzing bee

@poppygirl16:  My fiance is 9 years older than me and I look very young (I’m very small/petite while he is 6’5″) and I’ve been mistaken for his child before. Super awkward.

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Bumble bee

I think the common stereotype with most biracial couples is “What’s wrong? Why couldn’t he/she get a woman/man of his/her own race?” Not saying it’s true or what I personally think, but I know that runs through people’s heads sometimes when they see any interracial couple.

I did know a guy in high school who was so weird, socially awkward, and had a dark streak to him. He was white and only dated asian girls because he was into the schoolgirl porn thing, and that culturally he believed them to be subservient to the man at all times, and that he liked them because he could have total control in the relationship and she wouldn’t ever complain. He would freely and openly talk about these things. We weren’t even friends.

I do know other white men who also only date asians because they tend to be more petite and “feminine” (not loud, more gentle, shy, etc) than white girls. These guys also tended to be more on the weird side, and had a thing for anime and asian culture in general, to the point of practically hating white people and american culture.

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