Awful Customer Service Story

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Honey bee

That really stinks. I feel bad for Mr. X though. He lost his commission (im assuming they are commission) and he has annoying co-workers.

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Buzzing bee

I really think some people in customer service forget what they are doing and how easily customers can get offended. I know that when I am dealing with customers at my part time job I do my best to treat them as I want to be treated when I’m shopping elsewhere.

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Honey Beekeeper

What a bummer! I hate it when customer service people make me feel like I’m a burden just for shopping in their store. Don’t get me wrong — CSR is a tough job. But as a customer, I don’t want to feel unwelcome. :(

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Buzzing bee

@Bostongrl25:  +1. sounds like Mr. X does an awesome job, and it sucks that his other coworkers ruined this for him.  I would have done the same thing as you though, OP.

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Honey bee

She might have just been trying to make sure that whoever ended up helping you that day knew that the commission should go to Mr.X – I have some co-workers who will not hesitate to steal a sale (and we’re not even on commission! But they do track our sales so people still do this) unless it is made super crystal clear that someone else already spent a really long time helping the customer and deserves the credit. But it sounds like the way this lady went about it was totally tactless, that is annoying. You’re spending a lot of money, of course you want to take your time and make sure! 

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