Bad dress shopping experience!!

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Wow. I’m sorry you had such a bad experience. :/ But there are a couple things I wanted to point out that you might not have realized.

– The taking pictures of the dress. Your friend bought the dress that day which means it was officially hers, so taking pictures is okay – you did not purchase your dress that day so that is why you couldn’t take pictures of you in it. The boutique I went to was the exact same way. How many times do they hear ‘oh, I’ll be coming back for it!’ only for a customer never to come back.

– They are right: a lot of brides say they’re going to lose the weight and don’t. No, they don’t know you, but many shops cover their own behinds by ordering the size the bride is in now, and then altering it down later if the bride needs that done. I’m not saying you won’t lose a dress size, I’m just saying from their perspective, it is so that they’re not ultimately dealing with yet again another frantic bride in case you don’t.

The difference in alterations price could have something to do with the differing dresses, but it is annoying that they dropped the price so significantly after you brought it up. They seem sketchy and given your bad experience with them I would definitely get my dress and head out of there as soon as possible. I’m sorry you didn’t have a great experience, but at least you got your dress!


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LudaRae:  Hm, that’s weird that she didn’t purchase the dress before taking pictures. Like I said, that’s understandable, but if it was the exact same situation then I don’t see how that is fair. That’d make me really mad. Also yea, I see your point about being humiliated, I would be too, but I still think they’re not so in the wrong there just because dropping a dress size is really hard to do – but I definitely wish you luck!! Post pics of the dress when you can 🙂

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Busy bee

I find it really weird that they added the alterations charge without asking you, before you agreed to get the work done (or even knowing if it was necessary!). At a minimum, you should get a refund for that charge and take it elsewhere to get altered. 

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Aw! I’m sorry you didn’t have a good dress buying experience. But don’t let this upset you. You got a dress that you love and you’re going to look fabulous!

I’ve never heard of a store charging for alterations before the dress even comes in. That seems weird to me, but it sounds like they did the same thing with your friend, they’re just anticipated less alterations in her case. Perhaps their alterations budget fo you included more because you’re planning to lose weight and so don’t know exactly what your shape will be and what will be needed?

About the sizing, I think they were trying to help. They’ve probably seen hundreds of brides who swore up and down they were going to lose weight and then were devastated when they didn’t and their dress didn’t fit and they had to scramble at the last minute. I can imagine that after watching bawling brides a few dozen times, I’d start recommending that people don’t buy a dress smaller in anticipation of losing weight. They could have handled it better by stepping aside and having a more private conversation, but I think they were just trying to look out for your best interests. And, at the end of the day, you got a great dress in the size you want, at a good price, so it could have been much worse!

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Honestly, it may have been a different consultant.   Many salons have the no pictures rule, but that doesn’t mean all their consultants will enforce it.  I bought my dress from a salon with that rule.  While they enforced it when the salon was busy, they let me take pictures when the salon was empty and was definitely going to purchase a dress from them (just didn’t know which one), even though technically I wasn’t allowed.  

Alterations always seem to be inconsistant.  A lot of it may be the dress (I know certain materials are much easier to alter than others).  Usually, they don’t give you a price until the dress comes in and you have your first fitting (if you are going to lose weight it may need less work).  I went to 2 of my bridesmaids appointments and they seemed to get the exact same work done to the exact same dress.  One was charged 85 and the other 90- so maybe just who is ringing it up makes a difference as well.  

There are a lot of brides who order a different size, don’t fit into it, and then blame the store.  The store is just trying to protect themselves from that.  Most brides don’t realize that the samples are stretched from larger brides trying them on.  A sample size 12 is probably closer to a 14, and making it bigger is very difficult, expensive, and with some dresses not possible.  Yes, maybe they should have been more polite about it, but it is their job to deliver you this information.  

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LudaRae:  They had to order my dress up a size too and, like you, I tried to convince them otherwise. When I go pick it up in a few weeks, I will be down a dress size. It is maddening trying to convince them to order a size down but in the end, it would have needed alterations to take in the bust regardless (my hips are the biggest part of me) so what’s a few more pins I suppose.

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The other thing to remember is that while you might lose weight in your belly boobs or butt, your bones won’t shrink.. no matter how much weight you lose your ribcage or hip bones won’t move. I have had way too many brides end up having to order another dress because they refused to listen to me…. 

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LudaRae:  You wouldn’t believe what brides complain about and blame their vendors for…

A bride my mother did a wedding for ended up going to the news because she was upset that her pictures didn’t come in time for christmas. The contract (that the bride signed) stated the pictures weren’t meant to be done until after the holidays. The news crew tried to get my mom on television to talk about the bridezilla but of course my mom didn’t want to bash a customer. The news channel aired the story and although it was fun to watch the bride and interviewer look stupid my moms company still took a hit from getting strange attention. “that was the local bridezillas photographer!” My Point being?

Brides are crazy and the fact that the sales consultants tried to push the bigger size only proves that they have had some nutjobs walk in. I assume alteration time is when brides are at their worst and I bet the store would do anything to avoid telling someone that the dress cannot be altered to fit them because it was too small. Most brides prefer to hear that their dress is too big….

Anyway, most of that sounds pretty standard and I am guessing that the store was either less busy when your friend visited or that she had a different consultant. I also think them asking if you are getting alterations somewhere else is pretty normal. After I purchased my dress I was asked about my alteration plans. 

I’m sorry you felt like it was a bad experience but I don’t think anybody stepped out of line. I wasn’t there but having grown up in the bridal industry it all sounds normal/familiar. 

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arh thats so sh*tty that your experience ruined dress shopping for you.

With regards to the sample dresses – when i brought my dress i tried on a sample UK 10 (for the record ive not been a UK 10 for around 6 years so was completely shocked i even got in it) when she was puttin my order in she said “oh ill order you the 12” i was confused as the 10 fit perfect (and like yourself i was only planning to lose wieght and not gain) but she explained that the samples are tried on daily and stretched – low and behold my size 12 came in and it fit exactly the same if not better. The difference being she didnt humiliate me about it infront of other customers we were discussing it quietly in the dressing room.

So i completely get where you are coming from but honestly speaking from friends experiences it is SO much easier to have a dress taken in than it is out and you still get the dress of your dreams, just put it down to a bad experience and do some research into good alterations people so when your dress comes in you can take it away and get it altered by someone who appricates your hard earned cash! 

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Oh my goodness.! I am so sorry to hear that you are going through this. Virtual hugs!!

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