Based on Actual Events

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Busy bee

This made me litterally LOL and also reminds me of FI and myself. Thank you for making my day before I head off to work for the night and enjoy your ice cream and movies

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Bee Keeper

I am laughing so hard right now I might pee myself.  Thanks for sharing!

PS- did your hair turn out fabulously?  I’ve always wanted to try the gigantic rollers…

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Honey bee

Oh my god this made me laugh SOOO hard.  I love his reaction to you watching Beauty and the Beast.

So great!

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Buzzing bee

@Nona99:  I laughed so hard I cried. Lol! How funny! “I feel like you just caught me snorting coke or something.” Seriously best line ever!

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Sugar Beekeeper

omg lol i am laughing so hard at work right now. I have the BEST vision of you in my head!  love it!

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Bumble Beekeeper

@Nona99:  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!  I just snorted water all over my keyboard when he asked if you’d had a stroke or something.  That’s hysterical, I am rolling!! 

I love me some old Beauty and the Beast, too, that was the best show EVER. 

Thanks for the chuckles! 

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Blushing bee


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Honey bee

Seriously, thank you for this! Definitely made me laugh out loud!

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