Bees with kids: Are you always sick??

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hell yes. children are little petri dishes of germs!!!! I was fine all summer… and then my son started back up at school and boom! whole house gets sick. It will be that way until around aprilmay. Kids are gross little germ monsters! 🙂

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I can’t tag you to respond directly lol but yes this seems normal to me. We are forever getting sick and my son is usually the first. As his mom I can’t be like “dude stay away from me so I don’t get sick!” lol so I just load up on water and vitamins and some zinc and just try and keep the symptoms to a minimum.

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Hand washing might need to be made a priority. Maybe you could wipe her hands down with anti-bacterial spray as soon as you pick her up. I recommend CleanWell products for this. They are natural, safe for children, and don’t use Triclosan. They also have regular handwashing products that are great for people with sensitivities. You could also teach and remind your toddler to not touch her nose and eyes. 

Disinfecting toys using a bleach and water mixture will also help. In fact disinfecting the things she touches most when you pick her up from school and when she gets home could help a lot. It doesn’t need to be done everyday, but every couple of weeks or the end of the month would be fine. Disinfecting things when she’s been sick is a good idea too.

I would also look into how your daycare deals with sick children. It’s possible that they may not be doing as well as they need to be in this area. 

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Honestly, no.  My kids don’t get sick very often and I rarely get sick from them.  Get everyone in the family a flu shot.

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Yep, up until about 3rd grade I considered DS to be a walking, talking germ factory that was hellbent on getting me sick. LOL It does get better… it just takes a while.

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lol I think we should spray kids down with lysol before they’re allowed to enter! Even then… I know my little sister (big age difference 4 versus 22) will still get me sick! 

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Actually no I am rarely sick the past 2 years with little boy. He has gotten the occasional cold but not really. I was sick more often without having a child. 

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No. i have two small kids that rarely get sick….make 2-3 times a year and I usually get sick 1 time a year if at all.

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We don’t even have kids nor deal with small children, but the “back to school” bugs are making us sick all of the time. He teaches at a university, and I just went back to school myself. We traded colds last month and are finally getting back to normal now after 4 weeks of classes. Ugh ugh ugh. We go through this every fall.

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We don’t have children but FI worked teaching elementary school last year (and for several years prior to me meeting him) and he would get sick a few times in the fall/winter and again in the spring. Then I would catch it from him and I would get sick. I have not been sick so much since I was a kid in school. This year he switched jobs and now works for a non-profit. He says he is amazed at the fact he has not gotten sick yet this year. He had gotten so used to being sick frequently when working with children now that he’s not it’s a welcome change for him to feel healthy all the time.

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When my kids were in daycare, they and I got more sick more often. Now they are well into elementary and middle school and are both hardly ever sick (neither am I). The never-ending stream of sickness pretty much stopped around kindergarten. 

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add some probiotics in there. But yeah.. anytime I’m around kids.. boom, sick. 

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Some things that you can do to lesen your risk of getting sick:

-Have your child wash their hands before you pick them up

-Send lunch/snacks in disposable containers/bag (not eco friendly but it won’t transport germs)

-When transporting items from daycare to home (possibly pillow and blankie for nap time) place in plastic bag and place directly into wash

-Make your home a shoe-free environment

-Get your child bathed with a change of clothes or PJ’s on when getting home.


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