Bridal Party Silhouettes

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@xoxo_712:  So, uh… I had a little free time, and I decided to try and make one for you! Haha! I basically did this by cutting out and making silhouettes of images from the David’s Bridal website, so nothing super high-tech, but then I pasted the images in Word so you could change the text, fonts and stuff!

I don’t know if this is helpful or not! I hope it is a little anyway. At least it’s 4 bridemaids wearing long dresses and 5 groomsmen! I have the document in a Word template, one with two pages (the bridesmaids on the first, the groomsmen on the second), or on a legal sized document that would be folded in half. I didn’t know what size program you were aiming for, but all these things can be copied and pasted into a different format pretty easily I think. Let me know if you want the template and I can send it to you–somehow! 

Oh, and I could probably easily make different silhouettes if you wanted it to look like your dress more, etc. Or change colors!

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So maybe you can help me.  I saw how much it was for the program from etsy. (I am poor, not going to happen) Can you shoot me some pointers and how to complete this.  I am wanting to do a posterboard size of this instead of programs. 

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@xoxo_712:  I never saw you replied to this! Did you send a PM and I didn’t see it? Let me know and I will send you the file!

@AnikkaVonLee01:  I’m a graphic designer, so I had a lot of resources to help me out with this. I’m not sure how comfortable you are in programs like Photoshop and Illustrator, but I will explain it step-by-step below of what I did to make the images (for anyone in the future who wants to try it on their own). That being said, I’m definitely willing to make you a version of this in the size you need just using the same images I used for xoxo! 🙂

I made xoxo’s version in Word, but I would have to make yours in PowerPoint (Word can’t create an image big enough to print clearly). Plus in PowerPoint you could edit the names and print it out high quality.



Here’s what I did.

1) Find an actual photo of a bridesmaid. I actually went to David’s Bridal’s website and found one wearing a long dress. I needed something with a plain background, and one with a shape that would show it was actually a bridesmaid when it was just a silhouette. This is the one I used.



2) Open Adobe Photoshop and “cut” her out of the background. You probably have to have a little knowledge of Photoshop to do this–there are lots of ways to do this, but I like to Select All (Ctrl-A) and then use the Magic Wand tool (on the – subtract setting) to cut the excess away by clicking on the areas I didn’t want. I used a tolerance of 20 and kept clicking until most of her silhouette was outlined by the scrolling marquee (dotted line). I also used the Quick Selection tool in a few places the Magic Wand didn’t pick up.

3) Copy your selection. Ctrl-C.

4) Then, open Adobe Illustator. Create a new document and paste (Ctrl-V) your cut out bridesmaid onto the artboard.

5) Go to the Window option from your toolbar and open the Image Tracing palette. Make sure you have selected your bridesmaid before you begin the tracing.


6) Change the Preset dropdown to Silhouette. Play with the settings until you get the shape you want. Adjust Threshold to change the amount of area that gets turned completely black. Click Advanced and then play with the Paths and other options to fine tune it. 

Here’s my settings. I don’t know if these are exactly the same settings I used the first time, but it’s pretty close.

7) If you have InDesign, I’d recommend saving this as an Illustrator file to maintain the integrity of the vector (vector means it can be scaled to any size without getting pixelated). But it is possible to just copy the silhouette again and paste it into any program you like–Word, PowerPoint, etc. I did the same thing for the other images–groom, flower girl, etc. Sometimes I chose to leave a little more detail so you could tell what they were, like the bowtie on the ring bearer.

Anyway, I know this is probably complicated but maybe it will help someone out there!

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whitemochi622:  Hello there! you Have done a wonderful job on the silhouette bridal party. I’m down to the wire and I am helping my sister out by doing her programs. Like you I can’t afford to pay what they are asking on Etsy and pay to get it printed. Could you send me the template, please? I’m trying to create it on an open gate fold type of program. I hope you get this in time. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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