Bump Love Part 4

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im only in my first trimester, but i have been creeping following this for a while cant wait to get a bump to get on here.

Just marking my place for the future!!!

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Currently 20 +4 

starting to grow a lot – huge difference in just 1 week 

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I looovveee this thread. Not pregnant but love the bumps!

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New to the thread so hope I found good one. Love the photos and congrats to all!! :) first I’m not prego but looking for advice and support. I’m on my 5 months of ttc, it is less than average  time suggested but thought I start learning and a little impatient.  Im 28  and this is first time obviously. I’ve started using OPK with clear blue last three months. First was on july 23 I got :) and db around that time. Second month was earlier august 17 happy face and did dirty dancing. Both times lined up with phone app “what woman want”. Was every other day with elevated legs. Pretty much towards last 4 months I played by books as advised. the last time I used OPK (sept) haven’t seen happy face not sure if missed or what but still did sexy dance. 

Hope on right track or I should try something else? I probably need to be patient but difficult as getting knockedup is not like in movies :) smy sister and sister in law both on second child and most friends have kids so aim around it. Mind you, there older. Still it’s not easy. Please advise and if any good wisdom I’d appreciate. Thx

Ps. Sorry for long message



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@wedalong:  Cross-post this in the TTC (trying to conceive) board and you will find lots of ladies swapping ideas and support about the same things. Good luck!

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Wow, everyone looks great!!  I have not posted in awhile and I just love all the updates.

Here I am at 27 weeks!!  : )

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