Bump Love Part 5

posted 1 year ago in Pregnancy
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Blushing bee

Here’s my 26w2d bump.  Growing everyday :)

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Busy bee

This was last week at 30 weeks.  31 weeks now, still haven’t taken a bump pic though!

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Bumble bee

30 weeks.  Getting huge. How can I still keep growing for 10 more weeks?!

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Busy bee

30w3d here. I’m 31w now, but don’t have the energy to get this week’s photo. sorry it’s so large and blurry!

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Buzzing bee

@saltybalty:  Your bump is so tiny!!!!! I’m 2 weeksbehind you and I think I’m much bigger !! :(

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Helper bee

@wifegoodman:  aw, thank you! i love seeing the progress of your bump!

@anotherbee:  no, i’m jealous of you! if i wear anything loose, I still just look like a fatter version of myself. i thought over christmas, i’d finally be at the point where anyone could tell i was pregnant, but when we saw several friends over christmas break who didn’t know about the pregnancy yet, they didn’t realize what was up until we told them. they must have just thought I’d put on a few lbs. since we saw them last!

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