Can I PLEASE sound off here, and am wrong (keep it real, bees!)

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The Anthem and Taps are really the only music that makes me teary, but I am so not sentimenal nor am I a huge music buff. Now my husband, he’s the one that gets choked up over music and gets sentimental when he hears some songs, yeah, the big strong tough guys guy gets teary over some songs. He’s also the music buff in the family, shoot, most times I have no idea what artist is even on my radio at any given time.

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The only songs that make me teary are the two important ones at my wedding, and Taps. I’m a huge music buff but I am in not too emotional. I’d find it kinda weird if my husband was crying over a random song, too.

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@veryberry13:  I get teary at songs. They are emotional creations so sometimes it hits home for us if the song, lyrics, mood is right. I think your SO was just tired and when he is rested he’ll be more understanding of your reaction.

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A lot of people dig music…I personally haven’t seen anyone have the deep emotional reaction you seem to have to SNL, though. I’d be a bit confused if I were your SO, too.

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I cry all the time listening to music! I cry at the ballet because live orchestra music makes me emotional hahaI am the worlds biggest sook though!

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I have cried listening to music heaps of times. Mostly it’s when they have amazing orchestral/vocal sections and it sounds really sad (think Evanescence, Epica, Within Temptation). I think the only time SO has seen my cry at music was when I was watching the music video for Justin Timberlake’s “Mirrors” and the lyrics are so sweet and reminded me of my SO who is my absolute best friend. He suggested we use it for our first dance song 🙂

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I’m not into music and if I saw a girl crying over a song or a performance I would probably assume she was a drama queen.

But that doesn’t mean I know what the hell I’m talking about.

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@veryberry13:  I am very emotional and come from a very musical family. A good performance will bring tears to my eyes. I mean, I cry watching The Voice sometimes! So I totally get that.

But…. was your #3 question serious? Are you really questioning if you should move with your SO because he doesn’t get this? It’s one thing if he’s belitting you about it or something, but I don’t think him not getting how a song could make you that emotional is a deal breaker. 

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@veryberry13:  I think it’s one thing if he’s not getting your sensitivity when it comes to his comments or the way he speaks to you– like if you dont’ take critism well and he’s an overly harsh critic. But not wanting to hang out while you cry over a performance on SNL doesn’t feel like that big a deal to me. But then again, I’ve always said any guy I’ve been with got off easy because I have gay male friends who run from super macho to girlier than me… so I can always find a guy to share whatever I want to do with me and my SO doesn’t have to deal with it.

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So, slightly different perspective (I’m also not entirely sure if this is in answer to what you’re asking, because I’m not totally sure what you’re asking), but…

I like music, but I very, very rarely listen to it.  And as I’ve gotten older, this has actually become even more the case.  I have rather sensitive hearing that seems to be getting more sensitive as I age – certain frequency ranges, especially in the trebles, cause me some pain unless they are turned down very, VERY low (and even then they are unpleasant).  My partner really loves heavy metal, death metal, etc, and is a bit hard of hearing, so not only does he like his music loud, he generally has to turn it up to have it as loud (to his ears) as he wants it.

My partner is aware of my hearing issues, and I am aware of his.  He doesn’t listen to music when I am around, or if he wants to, he uses headphones and his computer (or a mobile music device like a phone or MP3 player if he wants to move around).  Likewise, I don’t freak out if we get in the car and the speakers blast noise when he starts it up, since I know he was probably listening to something last time he drove it.


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