Can't Focus at Work?

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@JaneDomani:  Absolutely. I’ve been so spacey since we found out – actually, it’s happening to my husband, too. So much to think about, plan, and be aware of. It’s a huge change!

I’ve found that if I try and divide up my time – allow baby research until 9 and the periodically check the boards over the coard of the day – it works best. But yeah – Monday & Tuesday were COMPLETE write offs haha

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@JaneDomani: It’ll get better. I was super excited/nervous/etc. when I first found out. I wanted to read and know everything and wanted to start shopping asap. I was also SUPER tired all the time. Now I’m 16 weeks and things are better. Still excited but not like I was before and can concentrate on other things, like work. I’m definitley not as tired, which is great. I actually haven’t even started shopping or planning the nursery yet. We’re waiting til the new year.

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I am super spacy too. I am 13 weeks and cant think but not because I cant stop thinking about baby stuff but because my energy is gone. Its horrible! 

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