Casserole dishes…(most exciting topic ever)

posted 1 year ago in Cooking
  • poll: I will tell you what to do, person whose mind and will I know so well!
    Buy the pretty green ones! : (35 votes)
    27 %
    Be practical and frugal, go for PYREX! : (59 votes)
    45 %
    Get them both -- you can never have too many casserole dishes. : (30 votes)
    23 %
    Remember when Mulder asked Scully to make him a sandwich? And she threw her gloves at him? Sigh. : (5 votes)
    4 %
    I have a better idea for a casserole dish, which I will discuss below. : (3 votes)
    2 %
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    Best subject, EVER!!!;). Go green.

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    I personally love my Pyrex.  Nothing sticks to them.  Put them in the dishwasher and they come out just like new.

    I have some other casserole/baking dishes, but the white ones always end up discolored or just don’t rinse as clean as the Pyrex.

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    I’m all for practicality, so I voted Pyrex! That way if you accidentally leave it behind or it breaks, you won’t be heartbroken. I also like the locking lids on the Pyrex, rather than the lids than just sit on top of the green ones.

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    I have the pyrex set and love it. I absolutely think it is the best out there, and is a great price. 

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    Are these the actual sets? Because it looks like you get a lot more pieces (and different sizes) in the green… That’s value right? 

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    @peachacid:  You can get the Pyrex set and then get little “cozies” for them. I’m not sure where, but ALL the church ladies have cute little carrying cases for their pyrex/casserole dishes. Could be the ugliest dish in the world, or an icky-looking tuna noodle casserole through the sides, but they have nicely sewn cozies, little baskets, and even insulated pouches for these things that spruce it all up to make it festive. Then your practical Pyrex can be accessorized for every holiday/occasion :-)

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    I voted Pyrex and then was gonna suggest corningware… which led me to a search and noticed the green ones you posted are corningware. so, now i have no opinion ;)

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    I really like my pyrex also my corningware cassarole dishes. I have some pretty ones but they just don’t work as well. ETA: I have the plain white corningware and they are great! Also not as expensive I don’t think.

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    I have pyrex and some from Le Cruset – I use the Pyrex more often, they’re awesome for marinating things, tossing veggies, and other kinds of things. Plus, they are standard sizes which is nice when following a recipe. I have not had a problem with my Le Cruset discoloring, and I put them in the dishwasher a-ok, but they are definitely NOT on the frugal side of the road and we only have 2 small ones for “fancy” dishes :-)

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    I say both!  I think of pyrex more for baking, whereas corningware is something that you can serve food out of it and it keeps it warm for seconds.

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    • kjo
    • 1 year ago

    You can never have enough casserole dishes. Ever. I would go for both.  Plus get some Corningware lol

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    @AB Bride:  Haha, clearly I’m tired, because I read that as “keeps it warm for seconds” like 1, 2, 3…I was confused as to how that was a good attribute.

    Second helpings, indi, not seconds in a minute. *facepalm*

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