centerpieces for 300+ wedding

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Bumble bee

Do you have a theme or vibe in mind?  That might help with folks offering suggestions.

How about something simple like a clear glass vase (from Dollar Tree) with branches anchored in rocks or glass beads?  Or, the same vases, with a faux flower stem underwater?

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Helper bee

Cyliders with submerged flowers and floating candles are very economical. Also, I love the idea of using favors as a centerpieces, or cakes/cupcakes as centerpieces. It sounds like you’re fairly early in the planning process, so I would suggest working these ideas into place to get the most bang for your buck.

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Blushing bee

I am going to have around 250-300 guests as well at my wedding. I am thinking of getting glass cylinders from dollar tree. They have 7.5″ tall glass cylinders for $1 and you can order them online (in cases of 12) and have them shipped for free to the store nearest to you. 36 vases= $36! I am going to decorate them with ribbons in my color scheme (black, pewter, hot pink). In some I plan on having floating candles and in the others I’m not sure yet- still have to figure that out- but I do want 2 diferent designs since there are going to be so many tables!

Here are some of my inspiration picts for this idea:


[attachment=1143731,144416] [attachment=1143731,144417]

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Helper bee This is the cheapest site i’ve found for cylinder vases.  It depends on what size(s) you want to estimate prices.  Also, they have cheap floating candles on different sites.  Flowers also vary a lot in price depending on what you want.  Also, hobby lobby is always having sales on their flowers where they are 50% off.  Sorry, I’m not really that much help.  I just know if varies a lot!!

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Honey bee

You could use mason jars as vases.  I just saw packs of 30 of them for like $8 today at Menard’s.  That would be very affordable!

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I like the ideas too!  Very creative… and I like the thrifty ones!

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Worker bee

You could get the vases at dollar tree or a dollar store and then order the roses from a local grocery store or cost co, I think that could be pretty budget friendly!


I’d even hunt the classifieds to find some used vases!

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Sugar bee

Babies breath. Fruit. Candles. Traditionally money saving centerpieces!

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Helper bee

These look like they would be simple and fairly cheap (image on the right with the stones)


Or these:

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