Christmas gifts for your sister-in-law?

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I was planning on getting my FSIL a travel journal (both to write in, and to keep photos/ticket stubs/etc.) but FFIL really doesn’t want to encourage her travel habits, which are extensive and already doing damage to her car ($6,000 worth so far – she won’t fly). Sooo… I’m out of ideas!

I think I may just get her a gift card to a scrapbooking store or something like that because she loves photobooks and storing her books in boxes, so perhaps this could be a new hobby? IDK!

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My SO’s sister is a teenager so we’re getting her some books and some money. We always give her money for birthdays and Christmas because she changes her style and interests so often we have trouble keeping up (and frankly we just aren’t cool enough to know half the stuff she likes).

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I have bought her a pig fridge magnet (pigs are her favourite animal) and a cute little box :)

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For my sister-in-law’s Christmas gift, my husband and I are spending a lot of money on her kids and buying them as many gifts as my husband will allow before getting annoyed (I tend to over do it and he has to tell me when I am taking it overboard).

If I were going to get a gift that was actually for her, I would get her a gift certificate to a nice restaurant or spa.  

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One sis in law im gettingift gift card to bed, bath, & beyond…she wanted kitchen stuff…the other is getting a scentsy pot…

it’s my brothers that are hard buy for…

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All of Dh’s family lives on the opposite coast from us, I am planning to make magnets from sea glass and maybe knit something cute? I really have no idea. I need to come up with something fast though becuase I am running out of time to make things. 

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@MrsEdamame:  My SIL also likes to bake/entertain and I found a super cute set of paper plates, napkins, and cupcake papers that are all coordinated. If you don’t want to get the whole set, you could just go looking for a few varieties of different cute cupcake papers.

Or maybe a cake-pop kit? I think they sell them online and at big craft stores.

I think the decorating kit is a cute idea too, fwiw, especially if you got a few fancy things like silver candies or pearl dust.

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