Christmas lights for tent?

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The number of lights you need depends on how you plan to use them.

You can see that the number and length of strings varies widely. I suggest you figure out the pattern you want to have, then you will be able to figure out the quantity.

Don’t forget that many couples sell their lights on are all the current listings:…2356.18605.0.21424.…1c.1.4t11KRFW_Rw&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&bvm=bv.41642243,d.cGE&fp=56ec88f8ee35ef0c&biw=1708&bih=806

Did you know that you can check all the posts on all Craigslist sites at once?

Go to                                        


then add what you are looking for      white moni lights

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We are also having a tent reception and are planning on doing this! Can’t wait to see pictures!

My sister had her reception under a pavillion and we used xmas lights to decorate the entire thing. It took a good bit of lights, but not AS much as I thought it would take! 

Also be sure to use candles/small lamps, etc. so you are not relying solely on the lights overhead (you can just use the lights, but the candles add a nice romantic feel).

Check with friends and family to see if they have some you could use. Amazon and ebay also have good deals (with a little searching).

Good luck!

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We’re doing this also and I’m starting to worry about not having enough lights.


@julies1949:  That’s a good tip though that I’ll keep in mind about figuring out what pattern we want and then seeing how many lights we need. Thanks!! :)

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@erincredible:  I just noticed that I made  typos in the section about searching all of Craigslist.

It should be white mini lights.

I left out the r in Craigslist and spelled mini wrong.

Sorry about that.


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