Chucks on the groom/groomsmen… overdone? Cliche?

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    Based on your fiance, it sounds like it would be very appropriate. But just on the groom : (4 votes)
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    Based on your fiance, it sounds like it would be very appropriate. All the groomsmen. : (9 votes)
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    Do it in some fashion... It's cute! : (5 votes)
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    It's overdone; don't do it : (16 votes)
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    It's not overdone, but it looks stupid. Don't do it. : (7 votes)
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    I'll comment :P : (2 votes)
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    I think if he’s a person who wears them all the time, then it’s cool, but I find the thing where everyone has a brand new, fresh out the box matching pair always looks a little forced.

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    @yanamari:  Formality of the wedding does matter because chucks are extremely casual shoes, only slightly less so than crocs.

    I understand this is a trend right now but I don’t find it looks right with the formality of most weddings. To me it clashes, and not in that good way. If you’re looking for uniqueness (and I love me a unique wedding), I don’t think chucks would be it.

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    I didn’t know anyone did this, I was thinking my FH and groomsmen should wear DC shoes, and I was considering wearing chucks (or maybe DC’s).

    If he likes chucks, then why not? Personally I don’t care if something is done a lot or not done at all as long as it’s ‘us’.

    ETA- I agree with PP who said it looks weird when everyone goes out and buys brand new chucks. I am just letting all my BM’s wear whatever shoes they like, so I thought the guys could do the same, but I dunno about that yet (because you’ll actually see the guys shoes), for me it was more about comfort than the look, so I was just going to let everyone wear shoes they already have, or go buy a pair they like. I don’t really love the look of brand new, matching shoes on everyone, but if that’s what you guys want, go for it!

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    I think it is a fun, funky thing to do. It’s great to find ways to reflect your own personalities. I say do it for sure!

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    i vted overdone. ButI feel its overdone and looks stupid.

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    I’m not sure what chucks are but my brother and his groomsmen wore their Vans 15 years ago at his wedding. I think its cute.

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    I love it…’overdone’ or not. If it’s his personality, then who cares? People have weddings practically every day, with the same elements over and over again and nobody calls them overdone!

    I LOVE the second pair you posted, though. I think it’s going to come down to what HE wants to wear, though…right? Are you letting him choose or is a ‘tell me what you want’ kind of guy?

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    @JFay:  It totally agree! If it’s his style, let him wear them! My DH and all his GM wore Chucks because they’re all in a popular local cover band together and those shoes are like all they wear, and I wanted the wedding to reflect him as well as me, so they wore the Chucks and guitar pick bouts.

    There are a million trends out there that from looking at Pinterest or weddingbee you could say are ‘overdone’. Colored shoes/crinoline for the bride, photobooths, candy buffet, mismatched BM dresses…but I think they’re all super cute! And if the bride and groom like it, they should go for it, not disregard a cute idea because too many epople on the internet already did it.

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    I think it’s cute, but if it’s a formal wedding, it isn’t so appropriate– I think it’s a little rude to have the groomsmen all wearing comfy, informal shoes when you’ve asked your guests to wear more dressy attire. in general, the wedding party should be as or more formal than what you’ve asked the guests to wear. 

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