Wedding color help!

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First off, you do not have to put the men in ivory shirts just because you have an ivory dress. They are the ones who will look dingy, not you. Keep the men in white or use a lighter shade of purple , like lavender.

If you want the girls in lapis, find a tie for the men that has some of that color in it. It doesn’t have to be  solid color tie that matches the girls’ dresses. That can look a bit “prom-ish”.

To get a better idea of color palettes that you like, go to 

Scroll down on the right till you get to the purple circles, click on the one closest to the color you like and you will see many palettes they have developed using that color.

 There are many flowers that will work with the lapis. These beautiful callas would work for your bouquet

or you could use shades pf purple


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@ghiagirl893:  I tormented over colours. One of my BMs picked Blue,the other purple. But everything is matching in. I matched each groom to a BM, and put my Grrom in a black suit,silver vest and tie.This suited his colouring so much. He is wearing a white shirt and I have a white dress BUT no matter what colour dress I would keep him in a white shirt. Get pictures of what you love and put it together on a board but remember this might change over time lol.

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@ghiagirl893:  My grooms complexion  looks best in white and because he is wearing a black suit and silver vest and tie, the white shirt is not right next to my dress. I tried it next to ivory and white and both looked good against his attire. 

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Just put the guys in black ties. It’s classic, more formal looking, and you won’t need to coordinate the colors perfectly.

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