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I confess that every once in a while I really wish I had a prescription for Xanax because this wedding planning gives me such anxiety!

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I am terrified my fiancee wont love me in my wedding dress.

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I confess that when I cleaned up my Facebook friend list I left a few people on there simply because their lives are such train wrecks that if I didn’t read their posts I would get bored with Facebook.

I confess that I get judgy when I see posts about cash bars, bridesmaid drama when the wedding isn’t for another 2 years, or any emotional breakdown level drama over small details like flowers or table linens.  I usually choose not to comment, but I sometimes read it for entertainment value.  Shame on me.

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FSIL got engaged in December, wedding in the beginning of May. I’m afraid she will outshine me because she’s a size 4 and wearing a very ornate and detailed dress. This bugs me more because it’s her 3rd wedding, and it wasn’t supposed to be more than a simple JP at the house type affair. Now it’s turning into a bigger deal, and I’m trying hard to not worry that my thunder will be stolen. I fear people will forget how I looked the second they see her, and that I’ll be hearing about her dress for years to come.

*sigh* it’s all terribly irrational, and I will now resume my normal level of confidence.

good thread :)

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@DaneLady:  I’m so glad I’m not the only one that keeps the trainwrecks for entertainment purposes.

I confess that while I’m super happy for my friend getting married this summer in a DW…I am slightly annoyed at having to shell out $2K for my husband and I to attend. Ok, I know we don’t HAVE to and I’m incredibly happy that I’ll be able to be there to celebrate with her…but you couldn’t have picked somewhere other than the $450/night resort?? I will be stuffing my face and drinking everything in sight to get my money’s worth.

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I was never 100% certain I wanted to marry my ex-FI, even from the first day of our engagement and despite almost 5 years of dating and 6 years of friendship. 

I am 99.9% certain I want to marry my SO. We met in October 2012.

It scares the shit out of me.

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I fear my Fiance won’t like my dress or my hair

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I confess that I’m jealous that DH’s friend is going to have a nicer wedding than ours. 

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I confess I’m worried about my wedding not being special or unique (my good friend is getting married two weeks before us and seems to have chosen a similar theme, and my cousin is getting married a week before us…).  I’m worried I’ll stress out about how close our weddings are, even though in reality we won’t share that many guests, and we’re different people so of course they’ll be different.

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I confess that I’m constantly afraid that we will get divorced 10 years from now, even though we love each other and have a good relationsihp. My parents are divorced and Ever since I met him and actually wanted to marry someone, it has plagued me. There are times when I think about it daily.

I confess that I’m a closet bitch, sometimes not so closet.

I confess I also think that my closet bitchiness is hilarious at the same time.

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I confess I’m worried I’ll mess the wedding up somehow ( food will end up poorly, guests will be bored, I’ll mess up the ceremony … On and on). And as a previous poster said… I wish I was on Xanax right now lol.

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…sometimes, I’ll use a spoon, and then put it back in the drawer

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@misspeanut:  Make that three for trainwreck watching!

I confess that I can’t eat gluten as it makes me sick, but since I have no plans outside the house this weekend I broke down and got some delicious gluteny cinnamon buns. Worth it!!

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