Constantly exhausted, advice?

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Are your iron levels alright? What about B12?

Food allergies can cause fatigue, so you might want to check that out. 

Could there be something in your enviroment that’s affecting you? Think about what you wash your clothes with, what you clean with, what you wash your hair and body with. All of these things could be causing issues. Do you use regular tampons and/or pads? Consider using something else, like fabric pads or a menstrual cup.

You might start to feel a difference once your Vitamin D levels get up to 40, so you might want to wait to make changes until you know how well these supplements are working. 

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buzzerbeater :  One would think, however the tests for magnesium levels aren’t very reliable and most doctors don’t know a lot about vitamins and minerals.   Magnesium isn’t mentioned much at all, even though it is needed for 700 functions of our bodies.  They just test for a few things and saw that you D level was low and prescribed Vitamin D.  You also don’t absorb Vit D without K2.  Did they have you take that also?

Vitamin D without magnesium ends up making your symptoms worse.  I’ve linked a few more articles, but there are others.

I’d consider adding some magnesium and see if your energy increases.  (Citrate/Natural Calm isn’t a good kind though)

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buzzerbeater :  This is an easy way to start.  Spray this on your feet at night.

I’d look at adding 400 mg of malate and see how you feel.  You might need to add more until you notice a change in your health.  Some people take several different types of magnesium.  Some are able to get by with just the spray or lotion.  

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Have you been checked for depression or chronic fatigue syndrome?

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I find that I feel a lot more tired when I’m not drinking enough water have you tried up in your water intake daily? 

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Did they check your thyroid levels? Hypothyroidism makes you feel excessively tired no matter what you do. If they didn’t check it, I would certainly ask them to. 

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I agree with pp, check your thyroid levels, they won’t check that on routine blood exam. If your TSH comes back high then it would mean you have an underactive thyroid which causes extreme fatigue. 

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Winter is a hard time for lots of people. Have you tried a sun lamp? That, along with magnesium and Vitamin D, really helped me out. 

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Ironically, caffeine makes you more tired because it blocks your brain’s adenosine receptors (your body “collects” adenosine throughout the day, making you drowsy when it’s time for cell repair), so when the effects wear off, you have much more adenosine in your bloodstream than you ought to in the middle of the day. Depending on your metabolism, it’s possible that caffeine consumed in the morning could still be working it’s way through your bloodstream at night; interrupting your brain’s ability to slip into those necessary Delta and REM stages. Don’t get enough REM sleep, you’ll wake up feeling groggy and like you got no sleep. 

Also, some people out there legitimately need more sleep to function, my best friend is one of them and you may be too! See what you can do to adjust your sleep schedule to accommodate 9-10 hours a night and give it a try. 

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