Cupcake overload…help!

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Honey bee

Is it a self serve cupcake display? If its not you can just have the extras in back and let the staff serve them.

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Bee Keeper

What about a second stand?  You could probably find some on here or craigslist.  That may make the table look fuller.  

maybe you could do the cupcakes that are on teh stand with the tulips on them and the rest plain, using like green wrappers and eggplant icing?  

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Honey Beekeeper

There are parchment cupcake liners now that come off perfectly and do not mar the finish of the cupcakes at all. You can leave them plain, or place them into a pretty liner for display.

Personally, I am a fan of simplicity. When you repeat one thing many times, it is much more attractive than something too busy.

Something like this using green instead of yellow:

or this pretty adornment

or this




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Buzzing bee

Here’s some ideas for the cupcake decor:

Maybe you could do the pearls in green too.

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Busy bee

two of my favorite cupcake links are listed below. Try to put the color on the paper instead of in the frosting, people get weird about eating colors (just my experience). The nicer the presentation, the better the photos will look. Try to get shot of cupcakes before wedding in case taable gets bumped or crazy uncle Al decides to take one before he’s supposed to :)

You can also use toothpicks w/paper designs to save on labor charges for decorating with frosting. I’ve added a link to some vintage style picks too from ebay – super cute but maybe not your taste.


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We bought a cupcake stand from, and it held 10 dozen full sized cupcakes, and 7 dozen mini cupcakes with room to spare.  If it hadn’t of fit we were planning to put them on the table around the tree.


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