Curious about all you married bees :)

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    Busy bee

    i havent been on my honeymoon yet, but hopefully we dont fight on it!

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    We did really do our honeymoon, but we never fight in public, ever.  Just makes our business the worlds business and that is not something we are comfortable with.  We keep personal issues at home with our own four walls. 

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    Sugar bee

    We did not fight. DH nursed me through a bout of food poisoning, and then I accompanied him to his grandmother’s funeral … but there was no fighting.

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    My husband and I have never fought. During the honeymoon, I got slightly mad because I wanted to see the Magic Kingdom castle light up at night for more pictures, but we ended up going to see a different show that ended up being better than something we had both already saw in the past. So, no biggy. 

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    We didn’t fight on our honeymoon at all! But all that being said, as soon as we got home, and started moving into our house, we had all kinds of fights! :P  But we’re still doing great, so it’s all good. :)

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    No way, we were blissfully happy, nothing to fight about!

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    We didn’t fight fight but I think we got lost one day and were snippy with eachother for like 20 minutes.

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    We didn’t take a honeymoon, so I can’t really answer the question.

    But I will offer up that I think many couples are dealing with the significant emotional aftermath of the wedding, and sometimes they can take that emotional stress out of each other. Some times that stress and emotional overload manifests as a good ole’ cry fest and other times it manifests as a screaming match. It is what it is. Weddings are HUGE emotional events, and sometimes the implications of them can get the best of you (collective, not singular “you”).

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    We were really stressed and a bit snippy on the car ride because a major bridge was out and we had no idea, so we had to navigate around it. Luckily we were good by the time we made it to our destination, though!

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    We didn’t fight once… but we never really fight. I think in the 3 years we’ve known each other we’ve sorta fought twice where we just got kind of quiet with each other. Our honeymoon was a totally new experience for us though, our first cruise! We were far too excited and in awe to argue about anything.

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    @LGenz:  @jo.lee:  All because of directions!   We spent 14 days in Paris/London and on day 10(after being with just each other and having no one else to talk to, I speak very little French and DH speaks none)we got lost and got in a fight.  I hate being lost!    

    That being said I think it’s healthy to argue with your spouse.  If there was never conflict I would find that stranger than anything!

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    nope, no fighting on our honeymoon.  not even a disagreement.

    we so rarely fight anyways.

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