Day 2 of WW….and it's brutal!

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It’s just your body adapting…you’re doing fine!  Seriously it’s incredible once you start looking at points values for things and serving sizes.  Stick. With. It. The website’s boards are AWESOME and very encouraging.  You got this!

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@Skittles131:  Trail mix is high due to the nuts and dried fruit (and chocolate if you have the tasty kind!)  All of it is high point.  THe fat in the nuts, the sugars in the dried fruit… I, personally, never eat it because its not worth the points to me. 

I start every snack/meal planning with lean protein.  Then I add at least one serving of either fruit (fresh) or veggies.  Then I round it out with whole grains of some sort if required. This has made it easy for me to feel full (protein + the fibre in the fruit/veg). 

Greek yogurt, berries, and low fat, high fibre granola is one of my favourite snacks.  I also eat a lot of fresh vegetables with greek yogurt dip when I’m feeling munchy.  Lunches are things like chili (with low fat cheddar and 0% greek yogurt stirred in).  Or vegetable soup, crackers, and tuna on an open face sandwich.  Salad, baked chicken, some cheese and dressing is easy but boring.  Or I eat left overs from a few nights before – stir fry, casseroles, meat and veg.  

It gets easier.  I swear.  

I plan out in my meals in advance.  So my main meals are planned, counted and then I can fill in snacks around them.  And I eat the same breakfast everyday – oatmeal made with skim milk, coffee and creamer.  No F&V at breakfast usually (though occasionally I put apples or berries in the oatmeal.) 

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@Skittles131:  I think eating different things will get you a lot further on points plus. Nuts are fabulous but are going to be really high in points without necessarily being high in protein. I get a little more than 26 pts a day but if I did get 26 points….

Breakfast: Yoplait 100 Cal. Greek Yogurt (2 PP) + Smart Ones Egg, Sausage, and Cheese Burrito (3 PP) 

Lunch: Some kind of meat on a salad (tuna, steak, chicken, turkey) or a protein with a higher protein grain (quinoa, lentils, etc.) 

Dinner: Your dinner choice sounds great. 

Snacks: Your snacks will make you feel more satisfied if they’re lower in points and higher in protein. Pretzels are 1 PP. Baby Bel Mini cheeses and String Cheese are low in points and packed with protein. Laughing Cow makes cheese spreads that I love eating with fruit or cucumbers. Apples and peanutbutter are another good choice.

Stick with it! I know the first weeks are tough when your body is screaming at you to eat more while you’re like — ‘There’s HOW Many points in what I used to eat?!’. I’ve been on it for 4 weeks as of yesterday, and lost 12 pounds so far. 

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@Skittles131:  Take the calculator (or phone app) to the grocery store and figure the points out there.  Seriously.  Then you’ll know if its worth buying or not.  And when I counted points (I track on a different system now, but I still go to meetings and follow the GHGs) I wrote the point value on the package of everything.  So I opened the cupboards and knew exactly how much one serving would cost me.  It made it easy. 

Planning is the key to my success.  

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@sostobe:  Writing the points on everything sounds awesome.

I’m starting WW in a couple of weeks but have already started “counting” things in my head… If I don’t know I will look it up online to get a rough idea.  I think I’ll be starting out around 27 points. 

Another tip is DRINK WATER.  I swear… My body is doing the same things as yours, “where is my food????? I AM HUNGRY WOMAN!” but keep drinking water and it should go away.  If not, have a clementine or some other 0 or low point snack.  (I like 2 tbsp of hummus and carrots… 2 pts if I am correct).


Hang in there!

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I’m not doing WW but something similar in that I’m logging all my calories.  I’m amazed at how many calories food is!  I’ve too only been doing it for a couple of days and I always feel hungry but everyone tells me that they were like that in the beginning too and the feeling will pass.

What I’ve discovered is if I eat protein for breakfast it holds me a lot longer throughout the morning and I’m not as hungry throughout the entire day.  I’ve also added more vegetables for snacking and that helps.

I need to buy some hummus today and everyone tells me it really fills you up.

Good luck!

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Less carbs, more protein. That’s going to cut down on points and make you feel more full for a longer time. And drink as much water as you can.

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@Skittles131:  I’m on my fourth trip this morning… LOL 😉

About to start round #4 of 20 oz of H2O!

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@Skittles131:  I did WW, lost over 30 lbs, stopped paying for the service (because you ‘learn’ portions after awhile, and points (for the most part), and have kept it off since October!!

I kept the majority of points reserved for dinner, because those meals tend to be higher in value (for me anyways).  I ate, and still do, a hard boiled egg every morning for breakfast, followed by fruit for my mid-morning snack, a salad with light dressing (which was about 5-7pts) for lunch, and either fruit, or a yogurt, and then a mid-day snack…veggies/hummus, or a fiber one snack bar.  Then, would eat protein/carb/veggie combo for dinner.  I started with a lot of points, and ended with 26 pts, which was still feasible with this food intake.  Sure, I got ‘bored’, but would substitute snacks, or just pack a sandwich (rather than a salad), etc.  And/or would mircowave a Smart One’s meal, which had the points right on the box.

I think where WW worked for me, or where I was able to be more lax in my points intake was because I worked out.  Seriously, adding points to your daily allowance thru activity is HUGE!!  I would recommend that, for sure.  

I love food, so the more I can eat, at whatever cost, the better off I am 🙂  

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@Skittles131:  Hang in there! I remember when I first started I was convinced I was STARVING. TO. DEATH. Then I started seeing great results & I knew it was worth it. I have a big appetite & I’m not big on fruits & veggies, but I learned to rely on them very quickly because otherwise I would go thru all of my 26 points by lunch. 

You’ll make it!

P.S. I’m 4 months post-partum & I just started counting again last week! I’m in there with ya! 

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So how many pieces of fruit do you all average per day?  I am so paranoid about eating too much!  I know they’re technically free but I know I can’t have 8 cuties in a single day!

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It honestly does get easier. There’s lots of good tips in this thread (bringing your calculator to the store with you, writing the point value on the box).

Another tip is to plan at least a day in advancE. I know for me, if I let myself get to a point where I’m really hungry, and if I don’t have a clear cut plan of what I should be eating, I’ll just grab whatever because I’m starving and deal with the consequences later. 

Also, earning more points through activity is awesome. I don’t always use them, but when I do I use them to have a few glasses of wine with my hubby on the weekend (booze is A LOT of points!)

Try to eat whole foods, things that aren’t processed all to shit and full of artificial sweeteners. They may be low in points, but they reak havoc on your body, and can slow down your weight loses (things like diet pop, low-call snacks, etc.) 

Make your own trail mix if that’s what you like using really good quality ingredients – it’ll be way better for you. Find new ways to make veggies fun (I like baked cauliflower because it reminds me of popcorn. I also like baked kale chips). Also go easy on anything with a lot of sodium. 

And it can’t be said enough – water is your best friend. I only drink water and decaf tea, I HATE drinking away my points, it’s not worth it (except the wine, that’s worth it 😉 )


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