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  • poll: What colour?
    Navy blue... play it safe! : (14 votes)
    42 %
    Royal blue for the drama : (10 votes)
    30 %
    Another idea... please explain! : (6 votes)
    18 %
    Hmmm... I think we may have a decor problem here... please explain! : (3 votes)
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    I think of a “tea party wedding’ as something very british. I’m not sure what I think about doing it in a patriotic theme, but it certainly would be interesting!

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    Personally I would go with the Navy, having to much of the other blue might get a bit matchy matchy.  I love that location! So pretty!  I went with what was also not my original vision but went with what let me bring in my own caterer and alcohol.  Saved us so much money and everyone had a great time.

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    Why can’t you do both?? I think if you balanced the navy with a warm champagne/ivory and reserved the royal for those great pops of colour, it could look quite nice! And some greenery (ie plants/flowers) whould pull those green curtains into the mix. 


    What do you think?…thanks a lot tho, now I have “God Save the Queen” stuck in my head…long to reign over us…argh! (I’m Canadian).


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    oh and…

    I think just navy napkins (plus whatever centerpieces you decide) would look great and provide good impact. And it’s cheaper (I think) than blue chair sashes, plus I actually think it looks better. :)



    Head Table could have a navy table runner (remember your bridesmaids and centerpieces will have the royal blue for contrast) but with IVORY napkins, blue napkins would look overwhelming I think. 


    And if you are going the british route, PLEASE WEAR those little hats!!!!!! :D

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    Hmmm, red is soo tricky! let me think about it….

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    ok, I’m back…thank goodness for the royal wedding cuz there is sooo much british wedding stuff now!!! 


    Super cute DIY:


    You can have these flags instead of ribbon wands or rice, etc… I am sure you can get them cheap somewhere…



    If you want to do cupcakes, this might be easier to do instead of red white and blue icing, just a thought…but I also like the idea of the red heart chocolates or cinnamon hearts on the guest tables (instead of confetti, etc).


    AND THIS!!! I like that the red gingham (or other pattern?) doesn’t read as a solid red so it doesn’t compete with the blue. And you wouldn’t have to get navy napkins (extra money), the ivory would look fine!! I think this would look cute with the items you were talking about before (the crystal decanter, etc)…Just some DIY or an ETSY purchase to do this look:




    Now I l ike this look but they are wearing navy so I don’t know how it would look with Royal, maye too Superman like? I think the red would have to be toned down somehow, maybe a more muted or darker shade of red?


    Some funny photo props:



    But now that I am thinking about it, and all that dark wood and the green drapes….why don’t you do a British Pub theme? You can serve pub food, which will also save you some money, and it would be a blast for everyone! 


    You could lean something like this against the open bar too!



    Would this be something you are interested in? I would totally love to come to your wedding, I love British pubs…you can even do some FUN live music, if it’s in your budget or know someone…


    ETA: yeah that makes sense about the blue runner next to food…


    ETA: wait, where is the wedding….I dunno why I was assuming you were in North America, but if you are in Britian than I guess the pub thing is out, lol. 



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    sorry, forgot u mentioned the tea party theme! I got carried away, lol.

    There are a few DIYs on the internet on how to use flea market/ dollar store (pound stores?? lol??) finds to make cake stands and other items…just trying to save you some $$$.


    Ok, wha? Tea cup bracelets??! Awesome BM gifts!



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    And I know, that open flame restriction really sucks. But I totally like where you are going with your bits n bobs. 

    BBJ linen has an online virtual table planer where you can change the colours/patterns of the table and chair linens around. 

    Why do you have to put everything together the day before??

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