Did I make the right choice? Ivory over champagne custom.

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  • poll: What color satin?
    Keep the designer's ivory lace over ivory satin (pictured) : (31 votes)
    27 %
    Special order to have ivory lace over champagne satin : (83 votes)
    73 %
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    As a bride with a champagne dress, I think you should keep it.

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    I think it will look great, I love champagne.  I think the lace on top will mute it, even where it’s the tulle like fabric and it’s not lacy.

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    I think it will look okay. Don’t worry, and your dress will be one-of-a-kind!

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    I love champagne wedding dresses. I think with the champagne underneath the ivory lace would make the lace pop! It seems very fashion-foreward to me. Go for it!

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    Gahhh! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your dress SOOOOOOO MUCH!

    Keep the champagne — I didn’t for mine and I regret it after seeing brides in the champagne version, looking amazing. I prefered champagne but went with ivory/ivory as I was worried it would be too dark. It’s not too dark at all.

    Again, can I say how much I LOVE YOUR DRESS!


    Here is me in my champagne dress with a different ivory dress held up for comparison sake….

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    As a bride with a light gold gown, I say go for it!

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    Do you know if they called the colour ‘champagne’ or if perhaps it’s called ‘cafe’? I just purchased an Allure lace gown with a silk cafe colour underslip but it was one of the actual colour options – not a special request. It was one of the big reasons I fell in love with this dress as it gives the lace so much more depth and texture.

    Definitely keep the champagne! (or whatever darker colour it is).

    Here’s the sample of my dress with ivory over cafe:


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    Champagne is well….


    I am a HUGE fan of Lace over Champagne… and it is something I am doing myself… and YES that GOOGLE IMAGES link that lia22 provided is awesome inspiration…

    Here is my own personal fave… Rivini’s *Lisette* (from their Spring 2013 Collection)

    And like S2013 has shown with her pic… Ivory is just another shade of white…

    Champagne is destinctly different… and very classy in its own way.

    I mean really, when is Champagne a bad thing (lol, it is afterall the ultimate wine you can drink morning noon or night)

    Hope this helps,


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    Beautiful! I had a champagne dress with lace on top and silk taffeta on the bottom. I loved it! The champagne made the ivory lace pop!

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    it will look fantastic custom made… GO FOR IT!

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    Maggie Bernadette with Ivory Lace over Champagne.  The lace is more sparse on the bottom as well and it looks beautiful.  I think you will love the result.  I certainly did :) No worries

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