Do you let your children dress themseleves?

posted 3 years ago in Parenting
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    Ah I love the crazy combso they can come up with! But it can be irksome when they need to go somewhere or go to school. In those circumstances, I used to lay out two outfits and let her pick one (or even mix and match between the two outfits).

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    When my daughter was that age, I often let her choose her own clothes, as long as they’re weather appropriate.  One year, when she was 6, she pitched a fit because I would let her wear shorts–in January 12 F weather.  lol


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    I’m only pregnant with my first, but I love this idea! Perhaps I’ll feel differently when my son is here, but I look forward to teaching him about being independent and making his own choices, even from toddler hood. I love looking at children’s Montessori bedrooms and closets, and will try to follow the principles of finding clothes that are easy to wear, to button/close, and go together well. 

    I love that your daughter picked something so festive, haha! But I can appreciate that Mom and Dad still have executive decision. I can’t wait! 🙂

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    You should ABSOLUTELY let your child dress themselves no matter how ridiculous the combo.  It is a developmental step in life, they need to have the freedom to express their creativity.


    I am a first grade teacher and this was a big discussion as part of my developmental psych classes in college.


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    My stepson is only 4 but we do pick out his clothes although we let him pick his pjs.  When I was little I had no say until 2nd grade.  My mom did what a PP does.  Pick out two oufits, leave them out and let me decide from there.  I felt like such a “big girl”.  Plus it taught me how to dress for the couple of years she did it.  But for special occasions I had no say.  Oh well…

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    Well a child above and beyond the age of 2.5 or 3 should be able to dress themselves and chose an outfit.  My little boy is 2 and he gets to for the most part pick out his socks and usually gets a choice on 2 different shirts for the day.  Even then he may not like what I picked out so “I” help him find a better shirt or socks. 

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    @freshflowers:  I don’t have kids but I love it when parents let kids dress themselves!  What better way is there to express themselves!  Love your daughter’s outfit, it sounds so sweet!

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    No kids yet but I love it when I see little kids out and about that clearly dressed themselves.  As long as it’s appropriate for the weather and such I don’t see an issue with it.

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    I always let mine dress themselves and actually loved the occasional crazy combination. I’d not have made mine change for photos either because actually, it is the individualism of the child that I’d want to capture.

    The only time I intervened was when a ludicrously impractical combination of clothes had been chosen. Like the time my youngest honestly thought that it made sense to go out in the snow in a bathing suit (and monster mask?) because he was going to get wet anyway.  My former ILs were depressingly conventional too so I tended to lay out clothes for more formal family events because it saved the passive aggressive comments and eye-rolling.

    I’m delighted to see that my oldest granddaughter is getting a taste for the sublimely crazy too. She’ll be three next week and has a terrific style developing!

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    When I read the title I thought you meant about letting them put their clothes on themselves rather than choosing what they wear!! 

    I think you should always encourage young children who are learning to dress themselves to have a go themselves – you may be amazed! I work with children aged 3-4 and we encourage as much independence as possible with dressing and undressing from activities such as PE, ballet etc. But sadly, it is clear that some parents still dress them – mainly because it’s quicker/they haven’t realised they can do it themselves – because months later they come in and tell you how proud they are that their child dressed themselves, which we have known for a while!

    In answer to your question…I think it should depend on the situation and the weather! If it doesn’t matter then let them be adventurous, but if it is time for school and there is school uniform involved, then don’t let any other clothes come into play!

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    My 10 year old still has issues picking out appropriate clothing. I try to buy her clothes that are as plain as possible so most combinations fit- but it is still hideous sometimes.

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    @freshflowers:  still baking my daughter but will absolutely let her dress herself. Nothing makes me happier theN seeing a little one out in a outfit they clearly picked out themself!

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    Haha, I dont have any kids yet, but I cant wait for when I do and they pick out their own clothes. I think its adorable.

    When I was a toddler, my mom would only get me outfits that matched, so no matter what I picked out, it looked good.

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    Yep my kids dress themselves unless we are going somewhere nice then I will tell them to pick something nice. My son doesn’t care what he looks like so in instances like tonight (Christmas dinner with the inlaws) I asked him to put on something nicer. 

    And regarding the weather, I let my kids self regulate themselves. I tell them if it’s cold and they can wear what they want. One time when my daughter was 3, she wanted to wear a tu-tu, tank top, and flip flops. It was zero degrees. I tried to tell her it was cold but she insisted. I let her wear it. I got the dirtiest look from other parents but there are some battles I just won’t fight. The next time we went out she wanted her coat though! 🙂

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