Do you shave your mustache? Weird question, I know…lol

posted 6 years ago in Beauty
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    Busy bee

    I’ve had the area waxed, I’ve used tweezers, and I have used scissors.  Never shaved.

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    Shaving doesn’t make hairs grow back thicker, it just looks thicker because it is a blunt edge.

    Personally, I don’t have much facial hair though.

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    Sugar bee

    I use sally hansen’s adhesive wax strips every 4-8 weeks.  Sometimes I use tweezers but it hurts more. I’ve never shaved.

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    No, it is very light and hardly noticable. But I have thick side burns and I have had them edged with clippers. lol

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    God, I hate body hair.   I would seriously consider chopping off a toe or two in exchange for never having to shave/wax/pluck anything ever again.

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    I used to and it is a really bad idea! It grows back stubily, akward, and WAY more noticable. Even though the package says not to I use nair or veet (the cream stuff for your legs/bikini line/underarms). It works like a dream. No waxing or pain required!

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    Buzzing bee

    I use the nair for sensitive skin stuff or have it waxed. My facial hair is super blonde but it still annoys me so I like it gone. I’ve seen women who shave their facial hair and it is definitely noticeable when it starts growing back :/

    One day (like when I’m not a poor college student) I will have enough money to laser off all my unwanted body hair!

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    Busy bee
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    Do not shave!!! It grows back with like 3 hairs per follicle intead of one lol..just wax!

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    I think shaving facial hair is a NO NO for ladies.. Maybe shaving doesn’t make hairs grow back thicker..but it will definetly make them grow faster and more you shave more they will grow thicker..I think best way to get rid off them is waxing strips.

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    Blushing bee

    I shaved once in a pinch- right before I was going to an outdoor event I did one last make-up check in the car mirror and noticed some darker hairs (don’t you hate natural light!). Anyways, I told my boyfriend I forgot something, ran inside, did a quick shave and re-applied my makeup! I normally bleach my upper lip when I notice some darker hairs

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    I thread my upper lip. Cheap, quick and easy!

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    I use wax. I buy a tub and it lasts me about 2 years, lol.

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    I bleach!

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