Does anyone have a copper IUD? Esp after the pill?

posted 4 years ago in TTC
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I know at least three people who have gotten pregnant with a copper IUD. Personally, I wouldn’t risk it

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@bkrocks13:  I recently got a copper iud after 5 years on the pill. What I did was I went off the pill and uses condoms for 3 months just to see what my period was like naturally. This was important to me, because like you I wasn’t sure what my body was like off the pill.My natural periods weren’t  too bad so I devided on the copper iud. So far I am extremely happy with my choice! Im young and havent had children similar was quite convented about insertion pain and heavier periods. Turns out I had nothing to worry about. The insertion as painful but not too bad and my periods have basically stayed the same (even gotten lighter and less crampy).

The copper iud is 99%+ effective so as long as it doesn’t come out you aren’t getting pregnant easily. If you’re really worried about bleeding you can try thE Mirena or Skyla which havehormones but also lighten/stop your periods. 

An excellent resource for me was the livejournal community IUDdivas.

They cover everything from the consultation and choosing which IUD, to insertion to long term updates. Definitely worth a read. :

Good luck with whatever you choose.

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I went off the pill a couple years ago (after having been on it on and off for four years). I recently got a copper IUD and I LOVE it so far. I know heavier periods/cramping is a common side effect, but I’ve actually had the opposite experience. My periods have been light and short (they were light and short before too).

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@bkrocks13:  It took about 3 months, which is the amount of time it normally takes your your hormones to come back and stabilize. It honestly wasn’t too big a deal with me – the wort part is my cycle is now around 40 days instead of 28 so in the first month or two I was freaking out! It was really nice to come off the pill and be able to get more in touch with my own body and hormones. 


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I was on orthocyclen for about three years and two years ago I got the iud. i have never had particularly heavy periods but I did get killer cramps before birth control. Now I am pregnant but it happened two cycles after taking it out. Personally I loved mine. I’ll get it again when baby is born until I’m ready for baby number two

Edit: I had the copper iud

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@bkrocks13:  I’ve had a copper IUD for 7 years now.  I love it and I’ve never looked back or had any bad experiences on it.  For the year or so, I had a heavier period but now I only use lite days tampons.  I’m actually a little weirded out that I need to get it taken out in 2016!  

I always had horrible problems with hormonal BC and I am so glad I switched to the IUD.  If you get one just ask them to give you a cervix softener to take the day before you get it put in.  

Let me know if you have questions and good luck!

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I was on the pill for a year and had such a hard time remembering to take so I switched over to the IUD called implanon in 2010. It was werid in the start because my period would occur every 3 mns compared to once a month but it wasn’t to bad. I just had it taken out yesterday and replaced with a new one. I would recommend it especially if your insurance covers it. You know it working because you can feel it in your arm. If you have any questions I could give you more information about my personal experience with it.

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@bkrocks13:  I had heavy periods and MONSTROUS cramps (couldn’t function) before going on the pill. When I got off it, my periods stayed super light and easy and have stayed the same with the IUD.

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@tynakinnon:  Implanon isn’t an IUD.

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I’ve had mine for a about a year and half now.  I was on the pill for a couple years but always forgot to take them, and it just didn’t sit right with me.. didn’t like the idea of putting hormones into my body.  Went off the pill for about a year, then decided to try the copper IUD for the same reason – no hormones, no worrying about remembering if I took my pill or not, and gyno told me that you can literally start trying to conceive the day it comes out!  all super great bonuses.

It hurt for about a minute during insertion.  Oh well, a few min of pain is so worth it.  My first couple periods were slightly longer than usual (I have always had very short periods).

Now I find my cramps are probably about as strong as they were when I wasn’t using any birth control, however my period is heavier.  That being said, it’s heavier, but shorter.  So I figure I bleed the same amount.  Now instead of 2-3 heavy days, I just typically have 1 super heavy day, and then like 4 days of ultra light reminants. 

hope that helps (I love mine, best choice I could’ve possibly made)

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My mom had one years ago, but she had it taken out because she had severe cramps. I have memory of her falling down in the shower once because she had a cramp so bad, she fell.

I want to make sure you know how it works though . 1) the copper is toxic to sperm and 2) if fertilization takes place, the zygote (or fertilized egg) can’t attach to the uterus.


I’m only saying this because I have a friend who believed life begins at conception, and she had no idea that it could stop implantation until she read the insert that came with it. She had it taken out as soon as she could, and she was really upset with herself.

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