Dreams and Clues

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Sugar bee

I’ve had a few crazy dreams.  I’m sure I’ve posted on here before but one he proposed with some ghastly earrings.  I still said yes because he said the sweetest things in the dream (I couldn’t rmember what when I woke up just was all warm and tingly).  Happy birthday to you Mum :)

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Helper bee

I had a dream he proposed… I hope  it comes true lol… ut i also think it is always on my brain

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Buzzing bee
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I just had a proposal dream last night! And the ring was hideous. My dream self and awake self were horrified. I’m still horrified. 

And then I found out my cousin got engaged last night. Ahh, the life of a waiting bee!

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Sugar bee

I had a dream about my ring last night and I had a dream that he forgot to get the ceremony programs printed but I only freaked for a moment then hurried on to get dressed. 

I woke up and told him all about it. Then he went on to tease me by saying that the jeweller said that he’s never set coal in a setting before but he’s still working on it. I know he’s joking but it’s really torturous for him to speak that way. 

Anyway, my dream is a much nicer place to be…because I have a ring. lol

Signs? Well, we took my mom out for her birthday dinner and he sat next to my dad. I pretended to be in a really deep conversation with my mom while really eavesdropping on their conversation. I heard everything. He asked my dad for my hand and my dad said yes. :)

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