Drivers License Expiration

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Bumble bee

My license expired one month before our wedding. I was so annoyed! Two trips to the DMV in two months is more than anyone should have to deal with. 

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Bee Keeper

I didn’t but I still hated changing it and was extremely pissed that the wouldn’t let me into the beer garden at a Seahawks game because I only had a temporary! Good thing is the name change only costs 10.00 :)

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Buzzing bee

Fortunately mine expires two months *after* our wedding.

So it’s ‘weird’ timing but in a really good way, lol. Gives me plenty of time to get my paperwork together before I have to trek down to the DMV, and at the same time I would have had to go get it renewed regardless of the wedding.

ETA: Wahhh I just realized you said ‘weird BAD’ timing, not just ‘weird’ timing. My bad. :C

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Buzzing bee

  Yep! I got a new license shortly after we got married (this was about 7 months ago), and now, I have to get a new one in the next few weeks. Biggest bummer…I actually took a decent picture for the new license! Grrr! Here’s hoping I can re-create it!

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Busy bee

@NowDontLetsBeSilly:  I’m getting engaged in two weeks, and then in March my License expires and then April I’m due for inspection (I’m from NJ where the state has inspection stations at certain DMV/MVC  locations) So I’m gonna try and see if I can get my car inspected while I go for my license. Also by the time I go for a name change I’ll prob be halfway through my license… slightly irritating lol 

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Helper bee

Mine will expire 3 weeks before the wedding – what a pain.. but all of the travel docs will have my maiden name, so everything will wait to be changed post-honeymoon.

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Bumble bee

Mine doesn’t expire until I’m 65! Gotta love Arizona!!

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Sugar bee

I don’t know about other states but I live in WA & it’s only $10 for a new DL due to a name change, so you hopefully your state has something similar! :)

EDIT: Just realized you live in Seattle too, haha. So yeah it will only be $10 to get a new DL with your new name.

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Blushing bee

Yeppp just went through that…4 1/2 months before the wedding…and now it doesn’t expire until 2019…darn.

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