Eeeek. Wedding Cake prices………

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@RunningNewbie:  My FH and I are going to go with a two-tier wedding cake then my FMIL is going to bake cupcakes, pies and other desserts. We had two reasons for this 1.Like you, we think the price of a wedding cake is crazy! and 2. My FH hates cake, so we don’t want a lot of leftovers because it’ll just be me eating it!

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We cut down the price by ordering a three tier cake, and adding an additional 1/4 sheet cake of the same flavor. It would have been almost $200 to add a fourth tier, and it was less than $50 to add the extra sheet cake. The sheet cake won’t be displayed, just cut up and served with the rest of the cake.

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We did a two tier cake in the smallest sizes available- I think a 4″ round and a 6″ round.  We set it on a nice cake stand with flowers around and used that to cut for pictures. We ordered a flat sheet cake for everyone else- same filling and icing, but no decorations, borders etc just cake and frosting. The sheet cake was kept in the back with the caterers, they sliced it and set the slices out on the cake table for us after we did the cake pictures.  It saved us a good bit of money and made serving the cake soooooooo much easier.  

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We are doing cupcakes. They are $2.60 a piece vs. $6-$7 per slice in my area. I have also seen the sheet cakes. It works fine, but guests will know that there are two cakes because that one cake won’t feed everyone.

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We are buying a 3 tier wedding cake from Walmart Bakery. It serves 130 people and it’s $125. It’s great for pictures and then people can eat it.

We’re supplementing with sheet cakes that can be cut out of the view of guests. That’s a much cheaper option.

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Were doing cupcakes. The average price of a wedding cake in our area is around $5 a slice, whereas cupcakes are $2, plus I like the variety of flavour and you skip the cake cutting fee that most venues have.

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@RunningNewbie:  There’s a few options I’ve seen when doing my own research for our wedding.

* Have a 2 tier simple cake for pictures and cutting. After feeding eachother it’s taken in  the kitchen to be cut along with a sheetcake. Your guests will assume they’ve been served a piece of wedding cake.

* A cupcake tower with an assortment of flavors. Let the guests choose their own.

* Rent a “Dummy” cake. This was something I seriously considered. It’s made from tiers   of styrofoam that are beautifully decorated. You “rent” the cake through a local bakery or online (it’s boxed and shipped to you) and can even have it custom made. Theres a wedge cut out in one of the tiers and you insert a real slice of cake to feed each other. Then it’s removed and taken to the kitchen while a sheetcake is cut and served. Here’s a pic from a fellow bee.




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You have several options.

1. You can buy a few supermarket cakes which are iced etc and then layer them up and add a few decorations and a cake topper on the day.

2. You can buy a single, pre-decorated supermarket cake, add a cake topper, and display it with cupcakes you either buy in or make yourself.

3. You can ask your cake maker to make and ice a small cake with a few dummy polystyrene layers at the bottom, to make it bigger.

4. You can make your wedding cake yourself, which I am doing. Think very hard about this before you commit. Is baking your strong point? How about decorating? Do you have your heart set on a fondant iced cake, because unless you have experience with fondant and a large kitchen in which to roll out the layers, then (in the words of my Stepmum). that ain’t happening. Also, think about the logistics of this. Is it logistically possible for you to do this?

You can also do a few combinations of all of the above.

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We saved a good bit of money by going with a local grocery store bakery that I know makes good cakes, and by buying each cake separately instead of having the bakery stack them. We put the cakes on a Wilton “Graceful Tiers” cake stand that I bought on eBay, and my mom added flowers to the cake and ivy to the cake stand. All in all, even with the groom’s cake, stand, and accessories, we spent about $250.

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We are having a small cake made at a grocery store bakery, and then a dessert spread of small pies, a blueberry dessert his mom is making, and cupcakes. I want my cake to be very simple so this works for me! I just want the cake to be covered in rock sugar so it’s sparkly :P

I had a friend who also got a very pretty two teir cake from this same grocery store bakery, and they made and decorated a simple sheet cake similarly. It tasted WONDERFUL and worked so well.

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Maybe look into cake bakers that are new to the scene? I had my MOH’s Mom do ours and it was free (for me my MOH paid as a present) but even if we had paid it would have been a helluva lot cheaper had we actually paid because she’s ‘new’. Plus the cake flavor was the best… who wants a ‘store made’ one when you can get flavors passed down from a great grandmother. Here’s what our cake looked like:)

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