Elective c-section for large baby?

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I would not have a c section unless it was necessary. I mean- how big is big? 13 pounds?- ok then maybe. Otherwise, I trust my body could do it!

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sara79:  Not pregnant, nor have children, but it is my *belief* that one of the many empowering things of pregnancy is the choices you have on how you wish the birth to go.  Sure, birth – a lot of the times – may not go according to your plan, but that does not mean you cannot try your plan before making alternative choices.  As you said, the u/s *could* be off by 2 lbs.  Your baby may be much smaller, or much bigger than estimated.  However, if you would like the choice to go into labor, and have birth vaginally, then I say see what happens.  You *may* need an induction.  You *may* need a c-section, but I do not see why you need to schedule an elective one right NOW.

Hopefully the doctor respects this choice, and although I do not know if it is ever too late to get another doctor, perhaps if the doctor does not respect your choices, you can find someone whom will?!?!

With that said, if you trust your doctor fully, and elect a c-section at 39 weeks because that is what YOU WANT, then more power to you as well 🙂  Nothing wrong with that either!!

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Is it bad that I read this and everything in my lower body tensed up? LOL


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Blushing bee

My little bug was just over 10lbs and about 22 1/2 inches long. Delivered vaginally. Had no tearing, needed no stitches, hurt a ton (duh). Honestly the shoulders are the worst part- not the actual weight. I was up an about by the end of the day- he was delivered at 2 am. Super sore for about three days. Mild soreness for about a week and then twinges now and again the week after.

I was absolutely thrilled to not have to have had a C-section. Totally went for an epidural- too bad it didn’t work- baby was coming too fast. Oh and he was my first.  Obviously everyone’s body is different but the idea of having to have days to weeks (and even sometimes a month if something happens) of recovery time for a c-section sounded horrible. Also it is a major procedure. They do it all the time but it’s still a large surgery. I would have been even more terrified.  As for residual “issues” there aren’t any. No complaints from the SO either. 

Really only you and your doctor can know what’s okay for your body though. But that was my experience! 

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A couple questions…how tall are you? Are you dilated at all?

Here’s my take from the obstetric side. Most doctors are pretty good at estimating fetal weight. you could request pelvimetry which measures bones (your pelvic outlet vs. babies size), giving you a better idea if your odds are good for a vaginal delivery. By what your doctor said, sounds like he doesn’t want to have to sew up a big 3rd degree tear or whatever. He might prefer a scheduled c/sec for his convenience. Ugh. Screw that. If you are not super short (say over 5’4 or so), and you go into labor on your own, I say go for a vaginal delivery. Your body knows what its doing. On the other hand, if you don’t go into labor on your own, an induction on a suspected larger baby can be rough, esp if your cervix is closed/ 1cm and thick/ high.

sooooo, I would maybe let the doctor schedule a c sec for 40 weeks, and give yourself time to go into labor on your own. If you dont, you might be better doing the elective section.

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sara79:  I have not had to make this decision.  Here’s something I would consider asking your DR though- when it comes to pelvic floor muscles, could a vaginal birth seriously mess with your bladder? I am only saying this- because my son, who was born at 33 weeks and weighed 5# 3oz (they say he likely would have been 10#+ if I went full term)- dropped really early- and sat on my bladder for the last 5 weeks he was inside.  My bladder has never been the same.  I know that might sound silly to you.  But it’s seriously something I would consider.

I will also add- while I know US can be off either way when it comes to guessing baby’s weight- they did one the night before I delivered my son, and guessed he was about 4# 7oz.  So they were off by less than a #.  

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Busy bee
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I delivered a nearly 10# baby boy vaginally and I was ONLY 8 cm dialated (not bragging, it was no fun — I almost had a c-section cuz baby needed to get out asap because I spiked a fever of 104).

I had no tearing or stitches, I felt like I’d been hit by a bus but walking a little everyday helped a ton. I would personally never get an elective c-section- especially if you want multiple children as the risks increase with each c-section.

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Does your insurance cover elective C section? That’s something to consider as well. Most will only cover “emergency” c sections.

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I would get a second opinion prior to a scheduled C section. But I would do that with any scheduled major surgery.

Also I have just heard one too many horor stories about C sections. My cousin’s got infected and took her an extra week to recover. Another has had problems with scar tisssue. And there is the increased risk during future pregnancies and deliveries.

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Most often birth is relatively straight forward.  Occasionally it is not.

OR’s are full of urogynecologists who are doing surgery on women in their 40’s and 50’s getting repairs for pelvic floor problems (ever see the ad for lawsuits relating to surgery for pelvic mesh due to incontinence?). 

Vaginal delivery will most likely go fine and it will probably give you faster recovery, though if you do have extensive tearing it may not be a lot faster.  There are risks with c-sections as well.  No guarantees either way.   Do research, talk to your doctor, get a second opinion.  Whether you decide to try for a vaginal delivery, or an elective c-section,  you do have choices (just know the pros/cons of both) and don’t let anyone guilt you into one decision or the other.   

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sara79:  I actually got a lot of stretch marks during and I still have a few really light ones around my lower stomach and a couple in the clevage area. They’re pretty unnoticable now, but very noticable then. I think all of the “normal” unfortunate symptoms of being pregnant I had. I WISH I didn’t have any, haha. 

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