Eloping on a cruise! Out of Galveston -help!

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You can ask the ship’s photographer to take your pic.

Most cruise lines have a photographer taking pics of everyone as they board. They may charge you though.

If you ask a fellow passenger, make sure they take several pics so you get at least one good one.

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I think there would be no issue asking someone at the dock to take a picture. It’s a tourist area but Galveston isn’t a crazy shady tourist area frought with pick pockets so I wouldn’t be too worried. It may be goofy but my rule of thumb about what stranger I will hand my camera to is generally someone there with a family, a group of women or someone with a nicer camera than me because they are hopefully less likely to bolt with my camera and all the pictures I have already taken. 

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I live about an hour away from Galveston! There will be plenty of people around… Just ask & someone will help you. I do suggest you stay in a hotel on the island the night before you leave. It will just be easier. Plenty of parking & the area the ships leave is cute… It’s called The Strand. 

Yay for you!

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@Oklahomajewel:  The waiting period is correct, but you can get the license anywhere in Texas (so you could get it in north Texas and still marry in Galveston).

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You can always look on Craigslist for a photographer. :)

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I’m eloping on a cruise too!! May 1 this year! Sooo looking forward to it!

We are technically getting married while in port on the third day, since, as you said, it can be really expensive to do it on the ship, and most don’t let you do it on a sea day. But we hired a planner at the destination, and she is taking care of the paperwork, photographer, officiant, and witnesses. Pretty much stress-free!

Good luck!!

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@Oklahomajewel:  Are you doing the caribbean cruise?! I took that one last may, SO much fun and you’re dead on about the week long vacation.


Call the cruise line and tell them what you guys are planning, they are always so accomodating for events such as weddings/elopements!

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