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I’m off the mindset that he’s gone to a lot of effort to design you a ring and that should learn to love it. He was obviously hoping that you’d love it as much as he does, I guess the main thing to consider is if he’d be offended if you said you didn’t like it? Perhaps if you want some diamonds, you could get your wedding band designed?

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I would like to add that my fiancé bought me a gorgeous engagement ring but it’s absolutely tiny in comparison to others (0.47ct)……especially as a few people has commented on how small it is and that they wouldn’t be happy with a diamond that size :-( . I would have loved something a bit bigger but the design is perfect.

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@summer_1981:  I don’t understand the things that come out of people’s mouths! How dare they?!? 

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How about diamonds on the wedding band?

Since he took the time and care to custom design your engagement ring, I would accept it the way it is (by the way I think it’s a lovely celtic design), but still get my diamond desire met, with diamonds the wedding band or other diamond jewelry :)

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@Mrs_Oso:  I think your ring is really pretty and the fact that he designed it especially for you adds so much extra to it. I think a diamond eternity band would go really nice with it :)

@summer_1981:  my first engagement ring was half a carat too…and I always felt it was a little small..after 10 years had an upgrade to 1.5 carat and set the original diamond in a pendant. You know what? I prefer the smaller diamond and it means more to me than the upgrade! I didn’t realise I was this sentimental until AFTER the upgrade :)

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@Mrs_Oso:  I can see why you are a little disappointed- you had all these conversations and you might feel like he wasn’t listening.  Are you Irish?  Maybe that’s what drove the design?  It is a pretty celtic design, but I can see why you would want more bling.  What guarantee did the custom ring come with?  Some places will re-make a setting if you don’t love it, but for others it is final sale and that’s it.  If you are stuck with this ring, then I echo what PPs have said to look for diamond wedding bands, or maybe even a diamond band on each side?  Good luck!!

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Your ring is gorgeous, I love the design, I understand it sucks that he took it in a direction other than what you had told him you wanted. Would you be able to get a diamond insert made for it? I think it would look awesome with bling on both sides!

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First off, gorgeous ring! Secondly, maybe shoot for a sparkly wedding band to make up for the lack of diamonds on the engagement ring?

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Could you possibly tweak the design? Do you think he would be okay with it? Maybe putting a few mircopave diamonds around the celtic design? Or even putting miropave diamond bands on either side for wedding bands? They arent too horridly expensive. The ring is very pretty, I can understanding wanting a bit more bling too though.

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The center stone is gorgeous! I think that 2 delicate, curved diamond bands on either side of the ring would look nice, and add some sparkle. They don’t even have to be diamonds-white sapphire, moissy or topaz are great options as well, especially if cost comes into the convo.  He designed the e-ring, I think YOU should have a definite say in what the wedding band(s) look like!

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