ENGAGEMENT RINGS! Show them off :D

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Bumble bee

BAM! New nail color. :)


Bad pic of us because we were up super early AND the sun was in our eyes! I swear FI doesn’t have beady eyes, lmao.

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Busy bee

Me and my men! (And a stick that one of them destroyed)

Close up:



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Honey bee

@TammieRei:  I still drool every time you post your ring! And your doggie is so handsome!!

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Helper bee

I cant resist posting my husband and daughter, shes a little older now, but I still love this picture…


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Helper bee

I’m so happy to be marrying my guy. He’s amazing.

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Here is a picture of my future hubby and I… and my ring…

We were engaged on December 7th and will marry on March 29,2014…

Girls all of your rings are just BEAUTIFUL… congrats to all of you!

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