Epic autocorrect fails

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Bumble bee

to answer my sons text about what time he should be home I *thought* I texted him this: your papa says to be home at 7. It came out “yo papa sex at 7″  He was a little creeped out by that. Lol

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Busy bee

I am not getting along with my sister and I called her a psychologist the other day… very effective

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Sugar bee

My mom is the queen of not fixing auto correct mess ups. When she first found out how to text, she told us she was a ‘book’ (cool) mom now, and she always calls DH ‘syrup’. I think most ‘book’ moms know how to use T9.

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So my friend was asking me what the novel I was doing for NaNo was about…

I wrote “faeries” but my phone autocorrected and sent “fatties.”
Now, I’m not a small girl by any means, but needless to say I was highly embarrassed (even though I sent him the correct work without the autocorrect right away).

It was amusing though. 

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