Errrgghhh…so frustrated with FI's career troubles!!

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@bmo88: If you have the time, you should go and read some of my previous threads. I know that feels. And yeah.. pride is kinda involved too. I feel so lame and pathetic.

I’ll tell you this though, it’s really wonderful to have someone to offer kind words and support.

My FI is there for me in every way.. except financially. I don’t wanna be all BE GRATEFUL FOR WHAT YOU HAVE but.. do try to be happy about that. My FI works full time and does not make enough to support us. He recently moved into an apartment and even though I don’t live there, I help him pay some stuff. I still live at home because I’d lose my health insurance if I moved out and we just can’t afford that. So at least one of you can support the both of you and be financially stable. At least you can be together! 

Good luck to him! Good luck to all of us. 

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@bmo88:  BOOOOO. I came to Fort Gordon with my family and dad retired. I’m going to lose my benefits in May and I’m TERRIFIED. I don’t know how to not be a part of the military.

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@bmo88:  I wish I had gotten full time employment straight out of school! 

Man I’m gonna miss the PX. Why? I don’t know. I just loved it. 

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You’re not alone. My fiance graduated from a top 10% law school with honors, and the place he’s working at hired him with a fellowship (school pays him $15 an hour for a year at any firm that wants to take him for 35 hours a week). The fellowship pay now dropped down to $10 a year. The woman in the firm lost two people and fired another right before she “hired” him officially as an attorney…

To give some perspective, she and her husband (an attorney in his late 40s who just passed the bar at the same time my fiance did, a couple months ago) both say how excellent his work his. She said if he ever needed a recommendation, she was right there. 

Now, the fellowship expires in August, but she’s not only still using the fellowship’s pay, but you know what she’s offering him from her firm? $27k for a 40 hour work week. Yep. Lawyer, top lawschool, honors, excellent skills and work, and he’s making $43k ONLY WITH the help from the school. On top of firing one person, and another person leaving to start his own firm, and another aspiring attorney who got a job through her mother. So this woman lost 3 employees, and still could only “afford” to give him 27k a year for a full time position. It’s insulting and demeaning. I also just try to be supportive and tell him it’s only because he’s inexperienced in the field, and she’s using that to take advantage of him because as of right now he has no choice (he’s applying everywhere), and once he has some time under his belt that he can say “screw you” (theoretically) and get hired with a salary he could actually live off of. I got laid off and am probably going back to school, so we’re both living with our parents anyway. 

Not to mention 6 figures in student loan debt to pay back. lol

Sucks. A lot. =

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