Excercise/Health Motivation thread for those waiting to TTC or TTC

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Honey bee
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Are you TTC, NTNP, Waiting to TTC?: TTC on Cycle 8

How many times a week do you plan to excercise? I am on my 4th week of working out 6 days a week. Already down 11 lbs!!!

What kind of exercise? Gym 4 days, the other two I take a toning and stregthening class.

Ideally I would like to loose….50 lbs. Only 39 left to go!!!!

Are you doing any special diets? No diet really. Just eating very balanced. Lots of protein, and staying around 1400 calories a day.

Other goals… Get pregnant!

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Buzzing bee
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I’m actually having the inverse problem. I usually exercise really strenuously which causes my cycles to be irregular (my range is 27-46 days!!!). I’m trying to cut back & keep it consistent so my body doesn’t freak out and start delaying O.

Are you TTC, NTNP, Waiting to TTC?: waiting to TTC (next month!!)

How many times a week do you plan to excercise? 5-6

What kind of exercise? Insanity! but with cheat days.

Ideally I would like to loose…. nothing!

Are you doing any special diets? I’m eating the same as always do. I eat a lot of protein & veggies; not to cut carbs deliberately… I just prefer to eat that way.

Other goals… Keep calm & get through my midterms!

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Bumble bee
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I have the same problem as FutureMrsRugbee – even though I have always been at a “healthy weight.”  I started working out regularly with the goal of being super fit whenever we TTC. But I overdid things a bit.  I stopped cycling altogether for a while, but I didn’t realize it because I was on the pill.  When I went off — no period.  I didn’t need to cut back on the exercise, much – but I did need to up my intake.  A lot.  I learned a ton on the HA threat on the fertile thoughts website.  (It goes back forever and is thousands of pages long.)  

Are you TTC, NTNP, Waiting to TTC?: Waiting for . . . this fall???

How many times a week do you plan to excercise? I work out 5-6 days a week for 30 min – 1 hour. 

What kind of exercise?  DVDs.  I love me an at-home work out — cross training, high intensity intervals, some yoga . . .

Ideally I would like to lose….  Nothing!  I’m trying to maintain a good weight and a bit of body fat to create a luxury, warm and cozy cruiser for a future child.  (I think something like at LEAST 18% body fat is needed for optimum female fertility). 

Are you doing any special diets? No — but I make sure to eat a lot  of healthy food every day, and to get enough fat (about .5g/lb of body weight).  My CSA will start up again soon. I’m excited for all the farm fresh veggies!

Other goals:  finish my dissertation — and successfully defend it — this semester. 



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Sugar bee
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Are you TTC, NTNP, Waiting to TTC?: I am TTC

How many times a week do you plan to excercise? Oh boy! I m hoping to at least 3 -4 times.  Television is what gets me lazy and the fact that’s just tooooooo cold lol

What kind of exercise? Mostly cardio, like Zumba and Kickboxing

Ideally I would like to loose…. Maybe just 3 -4 lbs.

Are you doing any special diets? No, since Im TTC I dont think dieting is smart thing to do for me, but eating healthy is my thing instead

Other goals… I just want to tone up. 


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Hello ladies!  I’m already pregnant (34 weeks this Friday!!!) but I wanted to pop in & offer support & encouragement.

Fellow Bee iRun started a thread a while back about running & TTC.  She is due next month, and me the month after :)   It was wonderfully motivating and also really nice to discuss different symptoms and obstacles to working out once we got our BFPs.

Anyway, I did a marathon last March, and was 2 months into training for another one when I got pregnant.  I’m over 30, and didn’t expect to get pregnant so quickly, so I figured I would just keep on keeping on and not put my goals on hold for something that may or may not ever happen.

It’s definitely better to be in an established routine when you get pregnant versus start something new once you are.  I worked really hard on eating clean in general (no fad diets here) and I lifted heavy weights and did a lot of spin classes to supplement my marathon training schedule.  I didn’t intend to drop any weight, but I did lose about 3-4 pounds and went down a whole size- thank you weight lifting!

Once I got my BFP, I dropped the weightlifting, and switched from the full marathon to the half marathon so I only had to maintain my mileage instead of continue to increase it.  I successfully completed 13.1 miles at 19 weeks pregnant!  Since then, I stopped running but continue to go to spin class with no resistance and obviously I pedal more slowly now.  I also enjoy water fitness classes since the water is so soothing.  I’m very pleased that I’ve been able to stay sort of active throughout the pregnancy- even if it is only 1-3 times a week and not exactly “working out”, more like just moving my joints :P

Sorry this got long, I just wanted to encourage you guys & tell you it IS possible to get active while TTC and stay active while pregnant.  Good luck & sticky baby dust to you all!!!

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Bumble bee
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I just wanted to second @DaneLady‘s post. I’m another April mama (33 weeks) who’s been active throughout pregnancy (and before) and I really can’t reommend it enough!

I’ve been working out doing cardio and weights for years, but a year ago I switched to Crossfit and I’ve been in love with it ever since. I can’t honestly say that on account of my 4x/week Crossfit habit pre-pregnancy and eating a paleo/primal diet that I was in the best shape of my life when I got pregnant.

I’ve continued to Crossfit throughout my pregnancy (well, I took some time off during the first tri…the exhuastion was so overwhelming) and while I’ve now cut back to 2-3x/week with fairly significant modifications, the classes I attend are often the highlights of my week. I leave feeling confident, empowered and strong: feelings that I hope will carry me through labour, delivery and recovery.

Physically I still feel great (no backache, sleeping relatively well, good energy) and I attribute a lot of that to my activity level.

So, really just popping in to say good for you and I so encourage you to stick with it – it will pay off in spades!

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Blushing bee
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Are you TTC, NTNP, Waiting to TTC?: TTC on Cycle 2

How many times a week do you plan to excercise? I have been working out about 1-2 times a week consistently, but I want to add some running and train for a 5k and work up from there

What kind of exercise? I take a bootcamp class that is a mix of cardio, weights (My bum is killing me today…so many squats last night!!)  That class is two times a week.  I want to try some of the other classes to add some workout days.

Ideally I would like to loose….50 lbs. I have PCOS so I have trouble ovulating.  By losing just 10 lbs I may be able to jumpstart ovulation….which is what I’m hoping for!

Are you doing any special diets? I’ve been doing Weight Watchers.

Other goals… I want to be at a point where I have enough endurance and strength to stay active throughout my pregnancy!

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Busy Beekeeper
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Are you TTC, NTNP, Waiting to TTC?: Waiting until summer to TTC

How many times a week do you plan to excercise? I have been walking almost every night (with exception of this week becuase of AF) but 3-4 times of other workout on top of my walks is my goal

What kind of exercise? Walking, Wii Fit (Zumba, Just Dance, Golds Gym, anything dance)

Ideally I would like to loose….25 pounds (I am down 7 already) to start.

Are you doing any special diets? No. I have been doing My Fitness Pal for 21 days now, so I have just been counting calories, eating healthier, and walking.

Other goals…No other workout goals. Just want to get into our new house so future baby will have room to grow up!

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Bumble bee
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Are you TTC, NTNP, Waiting to TTC?: Not really sure how to answer this.  Between waiting to TTC and TTC…. I went off BC last month so we aren’t “trying not” to get pregnant

How many times a week do you plan to excercise? 3 times, I was really good about it before the wedding but then the holidays came and I had to put my kitty cat to sleep and it’s just been hard to get back into it

What kind of exercise? gym, treadmill and stepper and will add in some weights next week

Ideally I would like to loose….10 lbs, already down 2.

Are you doing any special diets? No. DH does a paleo diet but it is wayy to hard for me to do and I have zippy will power so I am just trying to eat healthier

Other goals… buying a house….. we are currently under contract!!  YAY!!

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Helper bee
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Are you TTC, NTNP, Waiting to TTC?: TTC

How many times a week do you plan to exercise? Weight training 3x/week, 3 min high intensity cardio sessions 3x/week post weight training and other low intensity exercise other days especially in the summer.  

What kind of exercise? Treadmill, elliptical, stair master, free weights, lunges, squats, machines, etc.

Ideally I would like to lose:  I am used to being about 5 lbs lighter but that puts me at the lower end of the healthy BMI range so I plan to stay where I’m at now that I’m TTC. 

Are you doing any special diets?  I had been a vegetarian for 5 years and have been introducing organic, free run lean meats for the past couple months and will continue that while TTC and probably while breast feeding as well. 

Other goals… Natural labor, hopefully!

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Buzzing bee
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Are you TTC, NTNP, Waiting to TTC?: waiting to TTC…hoping to start after my April cycle!

How many times a week do you plan to excercise? I’m hoping to get in at least 3x a week…4 would be the actual goal.

What kind of exercise? Workouts at the gym…training for a 5K in April (I am so not a runner, so this is a lot for me)

Ideally I would like to loose… I honestly could stand to lose at least 50lbs…any loss at this point would be great. 

Are you doing any special diets? I have joined Weight Watchers…I’ve lost about 5lbs on it, but I just recently started.

Other goals… Trying to switch to caffeine-free soda and get down to 1 can a day.

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Busy bee
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Are you TTC, NTNP, Waiting to TTC?: TTC since July though not ovulating due to PCOS

How many times a week do you plan to excercise? Every day

What kind of exercise? Personal training on Monday’s and at least 20mins on the treadmill that we bought this week every other day – preferably more some days. I will see how I go. I would like to do at least one other weights session per week other than my Monday training. 

Ideally I would like to loose… At least 15 kg’s – RE won’t prescribe Clomid until I have a BMI of 35 or less – I could stand to lose more than that though. I would like the weight loss to kick start natural ovulation so I don’t have to take the Clomid.

Are you doing any special diets? Just trying to do the best I can in this regard – I tend to beat myself up over food which sends me into a spiral and then I overeat – dictionary definition of emotional eater right here.

Other goals… Just get pregnant and look after myself as much as I can.

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