February POAS, Part 2!!

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Can we move my POAS date to 2/9 instead of 2/5?

I ovulated late and although I would love to think I should have got my period yesterday, I have a feeling it will be here a couple days later than usual since I ovulated about 4 days later than usual.


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Thank you for starting the 2nd part of this Thread!

Roll Call:

Current Cycle Day: CD22

Ovulation Date:  IDK when it happened this month, for the first I decided not to track it and just relax.

POAS date/Usual Cycle Length: Feb. 13/28 days

Cycles trying:  5

BD timing:  DH was out for most of the month, for work, so not that much BD time this month

Link to Chart, if any: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/4215ec

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Current Cycle Day: CD17 (possibly 1dpo, nothing certain until i get another temp up there)

Ovulation Date: possibly CD16. I don’t want to say for certain with only one high temp so far.

POAS date/Usual Cycle Length: Feb. 17

Cycles trying: 5

BD timing: CD 14, 15, 16, 18

Link to Chart, if any: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/rosworms

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Uggh I’m dying having to wait another four days. My best friend and sister are completely convinced that i’m pregnant though. Fingers crossed!

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I tried posting this on the Part 1 board but it got closed as I was typing. 

@delilah79:  what kind of tests are you using? Are they FRER’s? If it were me I would probably wait a few more days to test to see how I feel. Also, you could have Od late this cycle due to stress, being sick, whatever reason. So if you Od late the bleeding could be implantation bleeding which usually happens around 5DPO. So it might still be too early. 

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@chelles07:  I didn’t want to “waste” my FRER so it was just a Wondfo cheapie. Last month was my first using OPKs so I used them for waaay longer than I probably needed to, so if I O’ed at all it was CD14 or 15 (out of 29) which was the only time I got obvious positives…and then we barely BD’ed the rest of the month, just on weekends. Just trying to convince myself it was just a wonky period/false alarm so I don’t get my hopes up yet again!

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Roll call: 

Current Cycle Day: CD18

Ovulation Date: Not sure. Waiting on my cross hairs. I would guess CD16 making me 2DPO. 

POAS date/Usual Cycle Length: POAS on February 18th. It’s the day of my SIL gender reveal party. Usual cycle length is 29 days but it may be a bit shorter this cycle since I O’d a day earlier. 

Cycles trying:  4th. It’s my 3rd actually O’ing though. 

BD timing: CD11,CD13,CD15,CD16. I was shooting of O-2, and O but I was expecting to O on CD17, not CD16. 

Link to Chart, if any:


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Roll Call:

Current Cycle Day: 23

Ovulation Date: Probably CD 17, so I’m 6DPO

POAS date/Usual Cycle Length: Feb 11

Cycles trying: First, and keeping my FX that I won’t have to do it again, because the TWW sucks.

BD timing: O-3, O-2, O

Link to Chart, if any: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/41db06

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@doxielove:  My DH is a die hard Packers fan too :) I watch the games with him because I have a crush on Clay Matthews!


Roll Call:

Current Cycle Day:  CD13

Ovulation Date:    TBD!! Last cycle was my first off nuvaring and was 35 days, so I am hoping I’ll O before the 14th.

POAS date/Usual Cycle Length:  I’m guessing the 28th.  2nd cycle off BCP so don’t know my cycle yet

Cycles trying:  #2

BD timing:   Whenever we are in the mood, and trying to hit EOD. Hoping to O by the 14th, so with Valentines we should be in the mood for BD ;)

Link to Chart, if any: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/legowife1

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My thermometer has been wonky and this is my first month charting.  I think I O’d on Feb 3 from my OPKs but who knows.  My last period was on Jan 15th, so keep me at the 15th and we’ll see :)

I’m supposed to do a polar bear plunge that weekend, so I’ll need to POAS before that haha. 

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Roll Call:

Current Cycle Day: 11

Ovulation Date: Probably the 10th, so CD15 based on my averages. This is the first cycle after my MC though so it could get funky.

POAS date/Usual Cycle Length: Feb 23rd, usually 27 days.

Cycles trying: Erm, we’ve been NTNT since May, I had a MC in December at 6 weeks, so now we’re just getting back on the wagon. We haven’t yet decided if we will NTNT or if we will actively TTC.

BD timing: N/A yet.

Link to Chart, if any: 

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