feeling kind of stupid :(

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Sugar bee

If you call them and explain, they may be able to help. You’re not stupid, you just got caught up in the moment and they probably see it a lot.

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Veils can be ridiculously expensive!  There was no way I would have bought mine for its original price ($200), but it seemed reasonable when I was getting it on clearance at 50% off.

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I couldn’t believe how much veils were when I was dress shopping! Well, if you love it then that’s what matters! You could always save it after the wedding for another bride wedding OR I it might be cute to turn it into a tutu for newborn pictures if you have a daughter. Or you could always try to resell it!

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Bee Keeper

You know, I think you are being too hard on yourself, call the shop and see if they’ll let you return or exchange for in-store credit.  If not, you always have to option of selling your gently used veil right here on the Bee or you can repurpose it into something lovely and unique..if it’s cathedral length I would be tempted to turn it into a bed canopy and spend the night dreaming under the veil I wore the day I married the man sleeping next to me.

The point is, you’ve got options..it’s ok!

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Bumble bee

Is there any way you can return it and get a less expensive veil (online for example)?  If not you can always sell the veil after the wedding to get back some of the cost.  Try extra hard to get a good deal on another part of the wedding…even if the veil didn’t ruin your budget it could be a little ego boost to negotiate a great deal, reduce your guilt and such.

Wedding things are all so much more expensive than I ever could have imagined.  It’s hard not to get sticker shock and feel naive.

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I agree with PP, maybe try contacting them to let them know you hadn’t realized the mistake until now. Veils do seem to be ridiculously expensive!

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For Cathedral length, that price is probably about right. Veils are very expensive. If you can’t get money back for it, just remember you loved it & pictured wearing that one on your wedding day. Cut back on something else for the wedding to make up for it. 

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It is incredible how much velis are! That does sound about right for a cathedral length veil, unfortunately. I agree with PPs that it doesn’t hurt to call the shop, and that if all else fails, you will look gorgeous in it!

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That really doesn’t seem like a lot for a cathedral length veil with intricate detailing. If you love the veil, just keep it, i’m sure you;ll look beautiful in it.

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I actually don’t think that price is too bad. My mom bought my dress and veil. The veil was fingertip length with beading along the end all the way around. We added a blusher with the beading as well. It came out to $250. I know I probably could’ve shopped around online and found something cheaper but the beading matched my dress perfectly and I knew the color would match my dress perfectly by buying it in store. (Admittedly, I also may have gotten caught up in the moment a smidge as well Smile)


If you aren’t completely satisfied with it, I’d do as PP’s said and call the store to see if you could return it or at least exchange for store credit. It’s worth a shot. And, also like PP’s said, you can always resell after the wedding to recoup some of your money or repurpose it for something cool. 

In my family, veils are often used as part of the christening gown at baptism or incorporated into the communion garb if you have a daughter. And, you could always save it for your daughter’s wedding someday (if you are planning on having kids). 



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The same thing happened to me when I bought my dress. It is easy to do because in that moment when you see yourself in the perfect dress, with a veil, a boquet, and whatever else the shop hands you to make you feel like a bride, you are just ovewhelemed. For me, it was when it sunk in deep that I was getting married. I know that sounds dumb, with all the other planning that goes on before the dress, but it made it real then standing there. I ended up paying 250 or something absurd like that for a finger tip veil. I don’t think it sunk in to me what I paid until I got out of the store either. Luckily, my 900 dollar dress was on sale for half price and it made up for it. :)

But, my point is, don’t feel stupid. If you love it, and if it works with your dress perfectly then keep it. It is your big day and hopefully you are only doing this once! 

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To me, my veil was just as important as my dress. I had dreamed about wearing a veil my whole life. I am even getting a birdcage for the reception because I want a veil the whole night! That being said, my veil was $900. It’s Romona Keveza and has ivory silk pleats all down the edges. It’s stunning and I don’t regret it a bit. I hope it will become an heirloom. I think the veil is crucial to your overall look. Don’t sweat it. 

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