Fellow Carrie Bradshaws: How do you store your shoes?

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Honey Beekeeper

I have two of these:

over door shoe rackwhich store 36 pair of shoes each

I also have 3 of these on the floor in the closet-mine are only 2 levels high

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Busy Beekeeper

I am trying to figure this out too, because mine mostly live in their boxes, but in my new closet they take up way too much room.

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Sugar bee

Most of mine are kept in their boxes in my home office closet. But I do have some littered across the bottom of our bedroom closet (not just splayed across the floor, neatly! I promise!), and then some hanging on the back of the door shoe hanger thingy.

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Busy Beekeeper

@SpecialSundae:  Most of mine are not expensive…they just have boxes lol I do have some on an over the door rack and my very casual shoes are in a rubbermaid tub thingy. I am thinking about taking the rest out of their boxes and lining them up along the wall of my closet, because I can’t use the lwer rail to hang up clothes right now. SMH

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Honey bee

I use something like this and double up the flat shoes/flip flops

We also use those stacking shoe racks… But I really want to do something like this.. I found it on pinterest.. 


You can install a bar like the blogger did, hang them in the regular part of your closet.. or you can even use a showercurtain rod 

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Busy bee

Most of mine live in their boxes bc I don’t want to get dust on them. They are stacked between the wall and a tall thin dresser, under the bed, and closet floor. They have post its with labels so I know what’s in the box

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Blushing bee

In their boxes stacked up on the top shelf of my closet.  We have a verrrrry long and narow closet so I have room for them until we move some day.  The ones that didn’t come with boxes I put in rubbermaid containers.

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Bee Keeper

Oh honey, don’t you let anyone tell you 50 is too many, if anythng that’s a good start…I have an entire closet allocated to my shoes ONLY!  I always store in the original boxes, using the original plastic wrap or chamois dust cover and shoe tree they come with.

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